Minidebconf Mangalore day -0 part -4

Hi all,
This would be the last one about day 0 at Minidebconf Mangalore.

Now before the lunch time, me and Pavi were unsure as many of the students seemed clueless about Debian. While few people had heard or used Ubuntu the level of awareness was something that left to be desired we felt. So me and Pavi made a small survey to find out if some of the students would like to attend a basic install workshop on GNU/Linux Debian. We got around 50 odd students who had written that they either were interested in doing shell commands or/and understanding about Debian Installation.

I and Pavi wanted to take a session but then it would have been a three-way split because most of the audience was of the college itself only. The place, the college where this was is around 60 kms. or so odd from Mangalore and getting to and fro is a hassle, the roads are something to be experienced. So anyways, after arguing a bit with Praveen and Kartik we relented although really wanted to share, otherwise what’s the point of coming all the way over there.

A part of me was hampered by the dry and humid weather which we were experiencing otherwise I wouldn’t have missed Christian’s talk and unlike in a barcamp where people come in and go out all the time you don’t feel like doing that in front of students so was outside. Even though I managed to glimpse and see some of his talk and although I have had attended my shares of localization talk I would have to say Christian has hell lot of patience vis-a-vis some of the other talks I have attended.

Anyways, soon it was evening and I wanted to do nothing more than to have a cuppa chai and talk to C-DAC people, maybe have a bath and take some of the tiredness out of the journey. But this was not to be and Pavi dragged me out to some car journey to Karkala which is/was about an hour from our place. It was an okish climb but I was feeling tired and it was also getting dark pretty fast and one is unsure when one is in a new place. Anyways, the place was worth seeing, just wish we had come a bit sooner or come with a tent. It was one of those places where the night sky is not polluted (unlike Pune or Mumbai) and one could see the zillions of stars out there. It was truly heavenly.

While it was a bit late after we came back, we went to see some college couples and group dance thing. Some sort of college social function.

Then had dinner and Dominick joined us in our room. While we chatted and were having fun showing some videos and sharing things a certain visitor from the jungle nearby also came to accompany us.

Mr. Grasshopper a.k.a Mr. Chameleon in our case.

What happened was Dominick had just opened up his lappy and if you look at Dominick’s theme for the lappy you can see how the grasshopper could have been mistaken for being part of the theme.

Here’s another view

Another view

And the final view which confirms that it’s just Mr. Grasshopper :-

Mr. Grasshopper in full view

It was really funny to see Dominick trying to get the grasshopper moved by moving the mouse thinking its some issue with the wallpaper at first and then realizing its the real deal.

Note:- If I was an amateur biologist or a botanist it probably would have been a good place to be for few days as we did see quite a few insects, lizards and animals of various shades and colors.

Anyways, sometime late don’t remember when went to sleep and day 0 came to an end. My next post would probably be on gaming before going to day 1 as quite some news on gaming on GNU/Linux has been happening and I have been thinking of putting it up for a long long time.

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