Deepening the GNU/Linux community

Hi all,
This post would be about things needed to be done to get together to get GNU/Linux pervasive in our community. Some of the things would be about Ubuntu in particular while others would be more about GNU/Linux in general.

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Configuring APCUPS

Hi all,

First up one resource which I left out in the last entry was GNUWIN . The only problem with this resource its quite old. The only good thing about that one is you get to know of tools and applications which could help. Apart from that the project is quite dead 😦 Please be aware that this one is going to be a long long long one. Apologies for the same.

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GNU/Linux primer 3 (hopefully the last one )

Hi all,

Sorry first of all for all the delay in the same. A certain malady made my computer sick, had to reformat my sytem which hadn’t been formatted since the Dapper days . I wanted to stick with it for a few days till ext4 was standardized and came on the installer but oh well, now just will wait for brtfs to be standardized as well. It would be cool to see what happens and what kind of latencies would be there.

Anyways coming back to the topic at hand, so quite a few questions were asked by people both publically as well privately as well. So rest of the blog-post would be answering queries people have sent in.

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GNU/Linux primer 2

Hi all,

This is a follow-up of the original primer based on the various questions asked by various individuals either through e-mail or through the comment system in the blog or otherwise. The rest of the blog-post would be attempting to give answers on the same.

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A GNU/Linux primer

i all,

While I do not like to write entries back-to-back I had been thinking of a long long time to write a basic GNU/Linux primer for non-geeks and that just been pushed away for long. So rest of the post would be about some pointers for people who are new to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and GNU/Linux .

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