An experiment with FOSS

Hi all,

Last few days I tried something to see if it would work or that. We have a DTP shop where for the company’s work we use their services. They are the usual Coreldraw, Photoshop mom-and-pop shop we all know.

I wanted a presentation done and the presentation was to be done using Openoffice Impress for I specifically wanted the output to be in .odp format simply for the reason that once its open data then putting it across in multiple formats is so easy and perhaps a much bigger thing IIRC that the fonts get embedded in the document (an issue with MS docs. usually) . While it took them sometime to get a hang of things  or in other words get settled with the workflow  of Openoffice.

It took quite some pain, but at the end of it all one thing became clear for me, openness is an attitude, a culture . If one is open to trying out new things, then technology is indeed a slave.

Also one more small victory in the mind-space for free software 😉

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