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Wikipedia vs Openstreetmap

Hi all,
This is going to be a sorta longish post discussing pros and cons about two projects Wikipedia and Openstreetmap, also sharing the little mapping we had done at COEP last week.
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DNSSEC in Debian

this would be a short post about DNSSEC, and how I configured for myself.
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Gnunify Day -2

This post attempts to state the events on Day 2 of GNUnify 2011
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GNUnify Day -1

The post attempts to summarize what I saw, observed on GNUnify Day 1 of the conference.

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WX10 Celebrations -1

This would be a long post on the Wikipedia 10 Year Celebrations as lots of activity happened and there is/was lots to learn from that as well.
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Wikimedia commons meetup

This post would attempt to give a glimpse into the Wikimedia meetup that took place on 9th January 2011.
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Wikipedia Marathi Meetup 08/01/11

This post attempts to share the findings and experiences had in Pune Marathi Wikipedia meetup #WikiPuneri
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Wikimedia Pune Meetup 4

This post would attempt to elaborate some of the ideas, thoughts and experiences while attending #WPMPN4 Wikipedia Pune Meetup-4. It would be a long post so read at leisure

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