Debian and Ubuntu – collaboration and issues

This little or perhaps slightly long post would detail the good and bad I have been observing within the Debian community and the influence that Ubuntu has been having, for both good and bad .

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OLPC, Notion Ink and Low-cost PC’s

Hi all,
This post tries to point few of the reasons why OLPC failed and what could work in Notion Ink’s favor as it tries to crack open the Low-cost PC market.
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Broadband and Hayai

Hi all,
This post attempts to share some facts and aspects I found about the state of broadband in the country, an RTI application and its response I found in the same regard and a new service provider (hopefully) Hayai which would/could alleviate the position somewhat. It would be a long post so would beg for your patience.
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Deepening the GNU/Linux community

Hi all,
This post would be about things needed to be done to get together to get GNU/Linux pervasive in our community. Some of the things would be about Ubuntu in particular while others would be more about GNU/Linux in general.

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