Mini Debian Conference – Day 1

This post would attempt to continue share/capture the goings on that went in Pune’s 1st Mini Debian Conference #MiniDebconfIndia as well as share thoughts, ideas and experience gained therein on Day 1 of the Conference as well. This is being based on Day 0 post as well.

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OLPC, Notion Ink and Low-cost PC’s

Hi all,
This post tries to point few of the reasons why OLPC failed and what could work in Notion Ink’s favor as it tries to crack open the Low-cost PC market.
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Hi all,

Today I want to talk about Choices. Choices which are good, which make us feel good, which we feel good about what others have taken as well as choices which make us feel cheap or feel cheated or just plain annoyed. The rest of the blog post is about making choices which take us towards freedom or away from it.

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The OLPC Meet at Hermitage, DAKC August 5th 2008

Hi all,

This blog post talks about my first-hand experience of seeing and using the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) device, seeing the Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City as well as meeting one of the persons who’s spear-heading the project Dr. David Cavallo

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