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Aptitude and package upgrades

This shortish post is an attempt to share some of the difficulties why something like config::model could be good as shared in the previous post .
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Config::Model and package upgrades

This would be a shortish post about a proposal which has been for sometime doing the rounds to be a Debian Enhancement Proposal. The proposal is for handling of the configuration files  during Package Upgrades which as of right now is not so great.
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Aptitude, Debian unstable and Ubuntu

This post would be a sort of lookback and surprises from switching to Debian from Ubuntu.

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Upgrade to Debian Unstable

This post would attempt to chronicle the heartaches and the niceties of upgrading to Debian unstable.

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Kernel compilation and a pesky mouse

This post attempts to illustrate how bug-reporting can lead to a solution and the adventures therein
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