Hi all,

Today I want to talk about Choices. Choices which are good, which make us feel good, which we feel good about what others have taken as well as choices which make us feel cheap or feel cheated or just plain annoyed. The rest of the blog post is about making choices which take us towards freedom or away from it.

I am going to talk about few interesting clean way of doing things and couple of things which could have been done in a better way.

The first bit of interesting understanding and news which I came to know about is Packt . Packt is an online publishing company which has taken the onus of publishing books and documentation on some of the lesser known Free and Open Source Projects. While till here they are similar to others what Packt has done is taken one step more, they have organized competitions and give prizes to FOSS projects which are chosen by the community. This is a good way to grow their own business as well as have a thriving  ecosystem around the same. They seem to be on a similar path as Tim O’ Reilly is but a slightly different approach.

The other good piece of news comes from a person called Anoop john. He is taking part as well as organizing in something called freedom walk . The walk is very much on the lines of the famous Dandi march as was taken by the Great Mahatma Gandhiji, the postle of non-violence. I like the idea and do hope many people take part in the same. The idea is the same, as Shri Gandhiji took the walk to free from the salt produced just by East India Company, similarly he wants to spread awareness that there is more than a majority view in computer software industry. I would encourage everybody if they can spare few minutes or couple or hours to make it meaningful for themselves as well as anoop john himself.

Another interesting one is a site . Its an indian site which gives access to blogging. What is interesting is that they have used wordpress to run it.

I had an interesting experience about it which I would like to share with you all. When I first encountered I felt it was just another blogging space. I saw the homepage and it did not have the footer which it says now (Run by WordPress Engine) , while I was seeing it, on another tab I was managing my wordpress blog or showing it to a friend. She has a blog on . She remarked and I quote  “The UI of both the sites seem so similar” . This was enough to perk up my interest and out I went on the site to find more. I found the information in the About page which said it used wordpress. I immediately wrote the contact form (they could have had a contact us e-mail id, even if its blackhole)

The answer I got was more like who are you or something to that effect.

The net-net of the back & forth ensued that they put up wordpress at the footer. I would have certainly not pursued them if it was not a community sorta site or they are looking to make that.

The only sorta negative or depressing news seems to be coming in the OLPC front. I had blogged about my smallish experience with OLPC couple of months ago. It was a nice experience and the OLPC is pretty much an interesting machine. Reliance has been handling the whole thing from the beginning using another name Digital Bridge Foundation and nobody knows whether the project is heading, least of all the community. Atleast nothing seems to be clear in the India mailing list. There is just a big long reactionary phase/thread going right now in the mailing list.

While it would be premature to say anything more about the fate of the Digital Briege Foundation, it would be better if Reliance or the Digital Bridge Foundation be more participative, be more open about their activities. Even if you look at the site its been couple of months and its still under construction. I do hope there is a silver lining at the end of the road.

Peace out 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Shirish,

    Reliance NEVER handled OR is handling ANYTHING about OLPC India.

    OLPC India is a an organization of OLPC global and has several folks who are leading its spread and expansion across the sub continent.

    Its not just the community. Unless there are are enough OLPC’s deployed, there will be little good coming out of this great movement.

    Yes, the saga of what has been portrayed as Reliance relationship is a bit disappointing. They never put in one cent on the project.

    But its gaining traction with over a dozen states at a very advanced level of negotiations.

    Thank you for your support and thoughtful observations.

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