The initial upgrade to Intrepid

Hi all,

Had another fun week-end. Read lot of unread mails, also posted a few. Then its been a month since Hardy got released and I was itching to get my hands on Intrepid. I know its pre-alpha but what to do, have to scratch the itch. So scanned the forums, the mailing lists and the bugsquad, when saw there isn’t any real show-stoppers atm, went for the kill. It took almost a day and a half to do 1.5 GiB of downloads. Also managed to get OOO3.0 beta in the bag although its not in the respos.

The only downside till now is that boinc-manager is 6.2.7-1 which is a very very early release so quite few issues there, apart from that its smooth sailing atm. Hope to do weekly upgrades and enjoy the ride as much as I can. 😉 . The best would be as and when GNOME 2.24 gets merged, most probably end September 2008. Comments, suggestions all are welcome.

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