The Times Jobs Fair in Pune on 14th and 15th June 2008

Job Fair

This was really a wonderful experience. We participated as an experimentation to see how things would be. We wanted to see how the experience would be and if we are able to get few good guys and girls in the process for wikiocean.
What we learnt surprised us quite a bit. Below are some of the things we learnt at the job fair.

1. Freshers, experienced people all kinds of background, Sales, marketing, developers, Human Resources, Management graduates, all kinds of people were looking for opportunities to move around.

2. Number of people coming from other states and other cities were much more larger or prominent then people from the city. If this means the people from other cities were either insecure or were more curious and took advantage of the opportunity is for others to decide.

3. The number of people versus the number of stalls put up were insufficient meaning jobs.
a. The first day saw a turnout of 12,000 odd people and 10,000 odd people on the second day.
b. Even if one takes a progressive view of 1000 people by the 50 odd stalls that were put up, that means merely 5000 people, what about the rest of them? There are just not enough jobs. So not enough jobs to go around 😦

4. Some of the biggies were conspicious by their absence. No Infosys, no TCS, either they don’t like the format or whatever there reasons might be.

5. Like it or not, due to the stagnation of the American economy which feeds quite a bit of the IT industry here its gonna be a slow thing atleast for few more months.

6. Due to fairs like this it makes for choices for both the employer and employee to talk, a good concept.

As they say a picture says a thousand words, so here are few:-


Mr. Vijay Tapse, Paritosh Pungaliya and yours truly 😉

The floor plan of the stalls


The crowd


Crowd at stalls

The picture says its all 😉

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