Books and Travel I wanna do and read before I die – A sort of bucket list

Hi all,

Before sharing the list of books I wanna read (and this will be an ever-growing list I know) I wanna share few of the reasons I enjoy reading :-

a. It is one of the greatest stress-busters anybody needs – You had a hard day at work/office or whatever and are feeling down and out, come and dive in the world of Dune or any science-fiction, historical, murder-mystery, love story etc. or whatever you like and your own problems remain tiny.

How can your problems be anything bigger than the evermind ruling over civilizations over Eons – Shirish, Dune (maybe in a 2050 novel 🙂 )

b. It is better than sex because you can take it everywhere and anywhere (including the loo) and s/he wouldn’t ask you to make sure the toilet seat are up – (Old jungle saying 🙂 )

c. They are of course, way better than movies because movies finish in couple of hours while a book stays for more than a few days/month.

d. Also you never understand a person’s motives and motivations for doing some action whereas in a book there is more than enough time to build a character so you have empathy for him one way or the other.

e. You can read the book, you can keep it away for days, weeks and months and start right where you stopped.

All in all books are great.

Now having established and breaking all set norms have to confess that I am also a dead-tree lover. A dead-tree lover means somebody who enjoys reading a physical book rather than an e-book.

Of course have many arguments for the same from being able to smell the book (I know I am weird 🙂 ) to being able to curl and be curled with the book (I said I know I’m weird, right 🙂 ) to just being simply old-fashioned.

If you are a newbie to the world of dead-tree lovers, here’s something of a smallish advice when entering into the world of books.

The world of books are mainly divided into 4 classes of books :-

a. Paperback – The most common and similar to what one of our M.P’s told ‘Cattle class’. The most benign, used and abused class of the reading world. Some people can’t live without it while others hate it with a vehemence. Sadly, yours truly is of the latter quality.

b. Hard-cover – These are the middle class of the books. The binding is better. The books can be kept for quite sometime than paperbacks and easily be there for a century and more if handled properly.

c. Leather-bound – These are the prince and princesses of the book-world. They evoke praise and a bit of envy for one who owns or has such books. The Onida TV slogan – Neighbors envy, owner’s pride probably started from such books.

d. And last but not the least – Leather-bound First Editions – These are like the rare-earth elements found on earth. The first edition is most near to what the author and editor wanted to share with the public at large.

Apart from the above books, there is also it’s cousin the ‘Big Print’ books. These are also very much in demand as you have lot of people who don’t have good eyesight or simply enjoy the big print series. These are also rare as they push the costs up. These books can be found at hard-cover stage and up.

Another cousin would the ‘Graphic novel’ which is an adult form of comics with much darker tones which can be seen by the shades in illustrations used as well as the language used as well.

Another rare sort of books are books of 18th and 19th century. These books of a certain time had this almost mad passion for typography and you will find most books having a lyrical and artistic types/fonts for the books.

I could go on and on about books but would stop here to share my short list for now (will probably be growing them soonish.)

If people want to give/present books to me then such books need to be in hard-cover or better please.

a. Lord of the Rings – Fantasy has always been a weak point of mine and Tolkien is no different. The multi-layered endearing tale of friendship between the later Mayor of the Shire and true friend Samwise Gamgee and the somewhat weak Frodo Baggins set against the background of fictional Middle-Earth would probably be known till the end of time. One of the most interesting characters Tom Bombadil doesn’t exist in the movie version while he is there in the novel. Also you realize that events took far far apart then as shown in the movies.

b.Eldest – Christopher Paolini middle book in the Trilogy which is again set in the fictional world of alagaesia . (It is not the start, nor the end, but the journey that stays with you – Shirish, Old Jungle saying 🙂 .)

c. Dune – All books in the Dune Franchise except for ‘The Butlerian Jihad’ and ‘The Battle of Corin’ .

d. Discworld – The first book in the Discworld series by Terri Prachett.

e. Maverick! : The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace by Ricardo Semler (1993 : Warner Books)

f. The Wheel of Time Series – , seems to be a biggie as well.

g. His Dark Material Trilogy – Philip Pullman

Travel –

1. Tatanagar,Jamshedpur – Kokatta – 4 hour ride of food

2. Israel – water saving techniques – From desert to forest –

3. Northern Lights, Canada

4. CCC (Chaos Communication Congress, Germany)

I guess these are enough to get started for now, more later 🙂