About me

A 35+ yr. old teenager, based in Pune who still believes in innocence, love and technology. The idea of the blog is to share and document the experience of where to free software is moving (Fortunately, Its a moving target 😉 )

One can contact me at shirishag75 [[AT]] gmail [[DOT]] com . It is this way so hopefully I get less spammed.

All of the content of this blog is under a CC-NC-A license.

I do have 3 other blogs besides these as well :-

1. nomadexperiences.wordpress.com :- A travel blog to jot down places where I travel.

2. issuesaroundme.wordpress.com :- A rant/bug blog where I put down irritations and irrational processes working around. Mostly to do with municipalities, government and companies as well.

3. readingexperiences.wordpress.com :- A relatively new blog where I want to share my books and thoughts about books I have read or want to read. The books are from all spheres, romance, fiction, science-fiction, economics, business and management, computer science, philosophy and of course FOSS philosophy. The idea is to write something every week or every other week on the subject.

Some more contact details :-

a. Linkedin.com

b. facebook.com

c. Twitter.com


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello,

    I am Binny Thomas, representing the website Ubuntu Manual. As the name suggests UM is a site that delivers content related to Ubuntu, its derivatives and related software. We are looking to expand our website and are seeking talented writers familiar with Ubuntu or similar open source software to include in our community of writers.

    We had come across your blog on the web and was wondering whether you would be interested in writing for us. We can provide sufficient compensation for your writings and would love to have you as one of our writers.

    I will provide you with the rest of the details if you are interested.


    Binny Thomas,
    Ubuntu Manual

    PS: Do remember to mention your blog while replying 🙂

  2. Have just found one of the OLPCs at a rummage sale but it came without any documentation. I am wondering if the children in Africa to whom these machines are supposed to be sent can figure out how to work them. I have an iMac and Windows7 PC and am in need of a source for a manual for this new “toy”.

    Any advice is appreciated.


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