One thought on “Accessibility, Freenode and American imperialism.

  1. “It also developed a theory called ‘Critical Race theory‘ in which it tries to paint the Africans as an inferior race otherwise how would Christianity work where their own good book says ‘All men are born equal ‘. ”

    That’s not what critical race theory is. You’ve managed to get it inverted.

    Critical race theory is the idea that when considering explanations of history leading to the present day, American racism is so prevalent and pervasive that every incident should be examined for racism as either the major or contributing factor into what it was and how it happened.

    Here’s an international example: the US ignored letters from Ho Chi Minh near the end of World War II to come to the aid of Viet Nam. Why? Because the US government was filled with racists who believed that the French were naturally superior to any Asian people. The French would colonize Viet Nam and control it as a colony, and this was fine for US interests.

    Had the US government not been so racist, Ho Chi Minh might well have allied with the US rather than China (an historical enemy of Viet Nam) and the US-Vietnam war would never have happened.

    Everything in US-related history needs to be examined for racist tendencies. That’s critical race theory in a nutshell.

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