Debutsav Mumbai and changes

Before starting of today’s blog post I will be sharing a video of food which will definitely make you hungry. So make sure you are either eating something or have eaten fully before seeing the video below.

The video is from a place called Aaoji Khaaoji Restaurant which is on J.M. Road . It is a proper foodie place. They have two offers there, if you can eat their whole Thali by yourself they will either feed you your whole life or you can take double the money you paid. Don’t think anybody has been even able to finish half of that thali.

Debutsav Mumbai

While I and a few members of Debian India has been trying to get a debutsav Mumbai happening, now we have the dates for the event as it was announced today on the mailing list. While there are definitely lot of things that would need to be done in order for a successful Debtusav to happen, at least we have got the dates so other things can get start moving.

Another thing that I am sharing is that, where I write debian-related articles would be going through some interesting changes. While I’m not at liberty to share the changes, the changes are and would be interesting to say the least. The only hint or giveaway I can give is that the changes may be seen in the new few weeks or at the most a month. All the rest, till later 🙂

A tale of broken promises

Before I venture out I would like to share with all one of my old classic favorite songs –

It’s a beautiful soft song and there are many such songs that were composed in the 1960’s. This specific song is from the movie ‘Woh Kaun Thi’ . The original song was sung by Indian Nigtingale Mrs. Lata Mangeshkar. The newer sound that you hear though is of Shreya Ghosal.

At this time the election scenario has been where all promises have been broken. While in the last blog post I had promised I will share some of the issues lot of events have taken in-between and there also had been lot of memories of broken promises by the ruling party which has lead not just me but probably lot of Puneties unhappy and disappointed. I will try and share some of them.

2014 Water pipeline promises

Pune has been facing water shortages since the last decade or so. In fact the situation has turned from bad to worse. The previous government promises they will make lot of pipelines and were voted to power. There was water pipeline scam and the Government changed in 2014. From 2014 to 2019 the water crisis has worsened. In my own home, we get water for only 2-3 hours daily. We have not been able to entertain any families for more than a day because of water issues. The only fortunate part is that I have to walk at the most 20 meters to take water while in some places people have to go miles or do dangerous things such as one I’m sharing below.

As can be seen they are going 60 feet down a well without any support structure or even a rope which means they can fall, injure or even die at any moment, a false step. And this they do everyday in order to get water for their families. This place is around 100 – 120 kms. from Pune. More than 1/3rd of the state has been declared as drought hit

Now we have the present ruling Government in Central, State as well as Municipalities but still the water projects are at the same place since 2014. In fact last year they raised 200 crore rupees saying we are short of funds for the project. Luckily I didn’t participate and I will share why I say luckily. Instead of INR 200 crore, people gave between INR 400-500 crores and this was raised in 2-3 days when the municipal bonds were going to be there for 2 weeks. It was made to imply that the investments would be under sovereign guarantee of Government of India . After the money was collected, it was told that neither the Center nor the State takes any responsibility for the money that was collected. The last I heard on the issue is that apparently the money has been kept in a Fixed Deposit Account (no reason given) .

Apart from the monetary issue, why did it take them 4 years to know that Pune has a water problem when that was their political plank which they had sold to Puneties. Of the several projects that are supposed to happen, the Bhama Akshad Dam project has been hanging fire since 2010. In fact it has its own page on wikipedia so it’s one of the notable water projects. The less I say of the other projects, the better.

Pune Municipal Transport or PMT

One of the other electoral promises that the current Government had made was that there will be a huge improvement in lot number of areas of PMT’s functioning. Accountability, number of buses, number of routes, less breakdowns and less corruption. Neither of these promises have been implemented. PMPML which also a webpage on wikipedia clearly shows that number of breakdowns, while unoffically the number is probably one and half times than what has been reported. As can be seen the last stats. are of 2016-2017, there are no stats. either of 2017-18 or 2018-19. This shows at the very least negligence and lack of transparency on the present Government. This is the same Government which has put spent close to 5,200 crores on advertisements (probably even more) as shared by Rajvardhan Rathore in a Lok Sabha reply in July 2018. And the amount that was spent within July 2018 – May 2019 would probably be about around 2000 crores or something as they spent a lot in ads this year, so the final tax payer and black money must be around 7,200 crores. It is possible that some estimates could be made by PRS and Election Commission, although the less I say about the EC, the better.

Pune Metro Project

This is and was one of the projects I am and was looking forwards to. The Pune Metro was going to make it easier just like Delhi Metro makes it easier to travel from point A to point B without waiting for a bus which when it will come is not known. To keep updated on the project I followed the Pune Metro project twitter handle. The twitter handle is and was useful as it used to keep me updated about how the Pune project is doing. I am one of those who used to check the twitter page daily just to know if they had posted something new just because I have fascination about transit systems, rails, planes, buses you name it. From 18th March 2019, the twitter handle stopped sharing any new news. The first week or two went by and I thought it is possible that due to Election Comission rules they might not be sharing. But even after Pune voted i.e 26th March, 2019 there were still no updates. Somehow I felt something is fishy and on a hunch I tried to see if the Nagpur Metro Rail handle was also showing similar.

To my surprise, the Nagpur Metro Rail were sharing, giving updates even though there is and was a huge section of Nagpur who didn’t feel the need of a metro. Pune does. So I dug a little deeper and found out that HCC has been terminated out of Pune Metro . Just to share a bit of history, this route is the most crucial part of the project as it is the first phase. Just to put a bit of context here HCC used to be a Navratna status public-private company which used to be at the bourses around INR 40-44/- which has now come to INR 13/- and will probably slide to something like INR 10/- . While I do not really want to get into how they have destructed public limited companies and it would probably need a blog post or two to share all the public limited companies they have systematically destroyed let’s leave that for another day.

As far as Pune Metro is concerned, I don’t see anything now till whatever the New Government comes into power anything will happen. This may happen in a month or two from today. Let’s say whatever Government does comes to power, there is also no guarantee that the team that is/was driving the Pune Metro will be managing then. If there is a new team it will again take its own sweet time. Even if the old team is given responsibility it will take close to 6 months to a year for replacements to come by as they would have to re-issue a global tender all over again giving an updated picture of the work done, the work yet to be completed and so on and so forth. We know the delay is going to be so severe that an ardent Pune metro video blogger whom I know, Yogi Logic shared just how things are without saying much as there is nothing left to say 😦

While I could go on sharing lot more deficiencies on the local, Municipal and State level, forget the center but that will have to be for another day.

Update 06/05/2019 – Few friends asked me to aslso share the work that Paani foundation has been doing and the transparent way they have been doing it.

Paani Foundation

Paani Foundation is headed by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. You can see the Paani Foundation’s website as well as the places where they are working. Now my question is, if a non-profit can show where they are doing things, show videos and stuff, also be available to answer queries and one can go and investigate then why not the Government. One thing I need to point out is that they are doing these things very cheaply. While Aamir and his team provide the expertise, the villagers spend their own money, get the materials, do shramdhan i.e, donate an hour or two from your life to make the watershed dam. While they wanted to do this since 2014 but due to bureacratic hurdles and what not, they could only start in 2017. There was an interview in which he shared the above. He also shared he learnt it in WOTR, a pune-based organization.

There is another thing as well. I think I had shared adventures travelingr with a friend when he wanted to look up houses, while he is still on the hunt, lot of projects that we together have now got some sort of RWH (Rain Water Harvesting projects) but that also seems interesting although whether this is too little, too late, only time will tell. I did see this also a few days and was wondering if the situation has turned so desperate. Because it’s the onion dunno if one should believe it or it’s a hoax. Even in the true/fake news the white man should live while Africans should die 😦

India – No country for women ?

While I had been thinking and also done quite a bit of work on some of the issues we are already facing and the new Government will face, for e.g. in the areas of –

1. Employment
2. Agriculture
3. Petrol prices
4. Woman Safety
5. Women empowerment
5. Cow vigilantism
6. Telecommunications
7. Indian Railways
8. IT industry
9. Make in India
10. Startup India
11. Toilets
12. Aadhar privacy
13. Crop loan
14. State of Economy
The list is not exhaustive by any means but is the only way to make some sense of things.

Instead of using the list I had prepared in the order I had wanted to share, had to go to 4. and 5. because of a viral video which has been doing the rounds lately –

A few friends had shared this video yesterday, I saw some partial clip but without audio so couldn’t get any context about what was being shown. Then some other friends shared couple of articles, one from wire and the other from newslaundry which shared slightly different aspects, takes on the same story. Then I saw the video and was truly shocked. Just to make sure I didn’t mishear anything I saw the video a few times. It is and was possible that I misheard or misunderstood something. Just to recap what happened in case the video is not seen, taken off the web or whatever ( the video is of a middle-aged women who is being jostled and questioned by young women for a statement she makes.) While the video is of 14:40 minutes, I will start at the beginning so it’s easier to figure out what happened.

Apparently the middle aged lady, a Mrs. Soma Chakravarthy, a teacher from Mumbai went to Delhi and in a restaurant saw two young women wearing short dresses and claimed that it is because of women like you that women get raped. Apparently, she not only stops there but goes to some men who are in the restaurant and tells/asks them to rape the women. Some other women who were in the restaurant overhear the conversation, take the two young women with them along with the elderly lady to some mall nearby and ask her to repeat what she said few minutes ago. After trying to dodge for a few minutes, she again says that the girls who wear short dresses or those who are rebels should be raped. When a woman asks the elderly lady to apologize to the two young women she doesn’t relent. In fact, when a young woman asks the elderly lady as to why 2 year old babies are raped (which was in national news, happened in Unnao some months ago) , and 80 year old women, the elderly woman reply that probably because they wear nighties instead of sarees. As if sarees some hidden quality. If such were the case, then none of the women who have been raped should be the ones who wear sarees, but this is not the case.

I do have to point out that after the video went viral, the elderly lady, nicknamed ‘Aunty’ has also been harrassed online which also shows how complex the issue is at some level.

The episode however also throws quite a few uncomfortable questions in the air –

a. The women is a teacher in some educational institution in Bombay/Mumbai. So doesn’t it raises questions as to what kind of values she may be imparting to impressionable minds in Bombay/Mumbai ?

b. While I’m perhaps one of the most fashion illertrate persons on the globe, even then I know that Bombay/Mumbai is the fashion capital of India. All the Indian top-most fashion designers have their boutiques there. Even Parsian fashionistas have their designer boutiques in Mumbai. If you see any of the collections on a ramp walk in Paris, you are sure to get same or a similar thing in one of the top boutiques soon. If you are on a lower budget and a design or two become popular, you may have to stay for some more time but you will get on some on the roadside stalls within a few weeks at probably 1/10th to 1/100th of the price at the boutique. In such a scenario does not she not see what people are wearing in Bombay/Mumbai ?

c. The third thing – Then I guess all women from outside India, women tourists should not be allowed or should be told, sorry we cannot protect you. Also ban all the beaches, ban swimming also because women will come in one peice or two-piece swimsuit which could also be alluring.

Apart from breach of a person’s fundamental rights it also contravenes another idea which was being germinated in light of Sri Lanka’s attacks.

Ban the Burqa

And this contravens another set of ideas that an Indian right-wing party called for ‘Ban the Burqa’ or head covering worn by Muslim women. While later they backpeddaled a bit calling it ‘Personal Opinion’ . This episode was particularly illustrated by a twitter user who goes by the name SardarPatelbannedRSS

Message to Women of India by men in politics:
1. Cover yourself up if you don’t want to be raped (‘coz we suck at stopping the men from raping). 2. But expose yourself to prevent terrorism (‘coz we really suck at stopping terrorism).

In fact there are and were many threads in twitter which tried to say how Hinduism is great and trying to whitewash how the Hindu Code Bill came. While I didn’t go to all the threads, at least in one I shared that it wasn’t as easy as being shared or told. It took Dr. Ambedkar and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru took 15 years and the issue came to such a head that Dr. Ambedkar resigned from his post . In fact there is an Oxford scholarship book which examines the whole thing in much detail. I don’t have much info. on it apart from the URL .

The CJI Sexual Harrassment Case

In the last few days this has also been shaking the judiciary. From what I could understand of the case/suit filed, apparently a junior to the CJI filed a sexual harrasment case. The judiciary instead of using the Vishaka guidelines which were formed after the Bhawari Devi Gang rape case became a media sensation. While the guidelines has been superseded by POSH the highest judiciary in the land chose to not even use Vishaka guidelines. Due to this the complainant was forced to take back her complaint . She was supported in her decision to take back the complaint by around 300 women who are part of the legal fraternity .

At the end, one is pressed to ask the question, is India not a country for women 😦 ?