Sex Education and the Indian Education System

Dear all,

Today had gone for a book launch which was authored by my friend Dr. Swati Shome called ‘Let’s talk about guys, girls and sex’ .

Cover of Let's Talk about girls, guys and sex

I would be eternally grateful for allowing me to be a part of the process. I had helped her in proof-reading and asking questions where there didn’t seem to have enough info. –

Author's signature :)

While it probably will take me time to go through the book again, few thoughts came to me –

a. This needs to be shared between teachers, parents and children all.

b. The age of kids is crucial. I remember a conversation I had with a kid few years ago where he talked about sex in great detail, anatomically without any prompting and he was just 6-7 years of age. I remember being shocked because of the knowledge he had at that age which I didn’t even in my graduation year.

One thing though which seems to be lacking in the book (inferring from the index alone atm) is there seems to be nothing about the law at all. After the fallout from the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape case there has been a significant change in the law where juveniles i.e. teenagers would be tried as adults for major crimes such as rape or even molestation AFAIK and the sentences are harsher.

I may be wrong but my belief is that the law is wrong here. The law hasn’t taken into account that children, teenagers can often be impression-ed, blackmailed or/and bullied into doing acts which they don’t want to do.

Having a chapter or two on law would perhaps have made it more of a rounded book.

This is by no way a review of the book at all but just initial impressions.

Edit: Some people have asked me for the ISBN No. so here it is –

ISBN 978 – 93 – 8667 – 68 -1

Paperback edition – INR 300/- Pages 200

Publisher – Jaico Books

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