Choiceless choice – A brother’s predicament

There were 4 cousins. 3 girls and one boy. The girls were sisters (born to the same mother) while the cousin was a paternal cousin. The three girls doted on the brother as the brother they didn’t have and he adored the three of them as the sisters he never had. They would often get into fights, arguments, trouble all at the same time.

The brother was closest to the eldest sister as she was nearer to his age. They would often talk about school, bunking, movies and would really listen to each other’s viewpoints.

Few years later, both the sister and the brother went through the adolescence and the brother shifted slightly apart. He was a single mom’s son and had no knowledge or understanding of the body changes that were happening to him. He was beginning to be attracted to girls and women in a sexual way and he knew his cousin sister was beautiful and didn’t want to do any wrong action, wrong behavior etc.

They did meet but it was somewhat of a strained relationship now. Few months later, the sister asked and told to the brother about a guy who was pestering her, looked decent, had asked for her hand in marriage and asked what he should do. How should she know if the boy/guy was earning something or not.

The brother had no answers. Just few months before, he had gone to attend a maternal cousin’s marriage and had experienced first-hand how much fear and insecurity the girl’s family is till the time the engagement doesn’t happen. He happens to overhear his sister trying to figure out her would-be-huband’s morality by talking on the phone s an imposter (to figure out his character.) The sister’s mother comes to know of this and the young cousin brother is plied with cold-drinks, his blackmail till the engagement does not happen.

The effect of this experience had thought the blackmailing brother that it is a very sensitive matter, not to be taken lightly.

He didn’t want to upset his sister, tried to see if a solution came to his head but nothing came. He could go to the R.T.O. (Road Transport Operator) and see if he can get to know if the bike was in the guy’s name but he neither knew how to bribe an official or agent nor he knew what the expenses of such kind of info. would be

He could try to go to the detective in the next lane but again the expenses involved and the whether the detective was good and would be discreet enough bothered him.

He had also seen a few hindi romantic movies so in his immature mind, he thought perhaps she was making a good choice. It is told that women are better judge of men/people.

Few months later, the sister told she married the guy but was still living at her father’s as they were trying to find accommodation.

Few weeks later she asked to borrow money from the brother. The brother hadn’t started working and whatever little money he got as pocket money would go for movies, sometimes junk food and travel around the city.

She also asked him if there was a way she could stay at his place. He declined as he was partly still attracted to her (even though nothing happened) and partly he knew there would be problems at home. Also he knew that her father could be easily provoked.

Few weeks later, he came to know his sister committed suicide.

This happened around 1992-’93 . It is 2018 now.

The brother feels guilty that he couldn’t help his sister when she needed him the most. He didn’t marry but can’t get rid of the guilt.

Was there something the brother could have done ?

The sister hadn’t graduated before marrying and the brother was in his last year of graduation.

Of course, now you can’t land a job unless you have done 2-3 professional courses and have some internships under your belt.

Talking with elders was no-no as the sister’s parents were not close to her. The brother didn’t know how to talk to his mother as she was a working woman and again that bit of emotional connect which should have been there was missing (the brother came to know later it was because the mother thought that the son could be taken away from her any time so she didn’t want to be in pain.)

While this happened so many years back, it could still happen in 2018, I guess.