nerve expanding, spasms and no muscle control

This is for all parents and people who might be going through the same.

I’m comfortable with sharing part of the story and not all at this point of time, as I get better I would share more details.

About 2 and a half week back. suddenly at night I started having spasms . I was basically hitting myself, mainly the arms . In an effort to comfort me & prevent me from falling down from the bed, my mum put me on the floor with a blanket underneath and over me. In my state of fear and confusion, I pushed myself underneath the bed from where it was impossible for her to retrieve as I’m obese. I pleaded with her whole night to get am ambulance which irritated her a lot. She also knew that getting an ambulance was easy, getting people to transport me from first floor to the ambulance would need people which is not easy to get in dead of night. I didn’t want to call friends as all of them live pretty far off and have their own lives.

Then at 5 a.m. mother relented and asked for an ambulance from a reputed hospital which is close by. It took half an hour for the ambulance to arrive for reasons unknown. Seeing the look of terror on my face and seeing my body structure, he knew he needed more men. Meanwhile, mother also contacted my neighbour above who also came down and went to fetch more men. About half an hour later or more, around 6-7 Samaritans came and with the help of them I was transported to the ambulance.

Meanwhile I was drifting in and out of consciousness. Reaching the hospital, apparently the doctors had a debate as they felt the case could become complicated. And every hospital tries to have less number of deaths just like every police station tries to have less crime records.

I was referred to a second hospital with which they had collaboration saying they had better facilities and better equipment and could deal with any eventuality. The doctors shared my case history and when the hospital agreed, my mother, a doctor and the ambulance driver took me to the second hospital. So another half an hour or so I landed in the second hospital. There I was admitted. stripped, put in hospital dress. gave a urine bag , an RT which somehow they inserted through my mouth to my stomach which I have no recollection of. It must have been painful and irritating as it was while it was taken out, but again have no memory. They also inserted a knob like thing just above my left wrist as they saw/found out that it was not easy to find my vein. I felt a lot of shame but knew that this was necessary.

The first day nothing happened, the second day spasms happened again where I alerted the nurse and she in turn alerted the doctors, one of whom took a video and shared on telephone with the senior doctor under whose care I was that I was alert the whole time. Much, much later I came to know that the fact that I was conscious through the whole time changed the doctor’s opinion that I could be treated through medicine alone and wouldn’t need an operation.

Although I’m curious, I haven’t pressured the doctors to share that video as I’m still in recovery mode and the doctors have told me 3-6 months for recovery depending on how much physiotherapy I do, body’s own healing powers, medicines and plain old luck.

I am stopping here as it’s too tiring for me now to continue. I am curious how the scene would have unfolded in a first class country, especially the golden hour.

If there are any questions from either parents or people going through the same/similar journey please write and share I do intend to put at least couple of follow-ups and perhaps more as and when I become more ‘normal’

Till later.


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