A simple rice-veggie recipe and procedure for getting RWH Rebate

First and foremost the Rice and veggies recipe (This is for 2 persons) :-

Ingredients :-

1. 150 gms. Rice (Best is Basmati whole or whatever rice you have)
2. Onion cut into small pieces (1/4th of onion is enough.)
2. Cut into small pieces all Veggies (Anything goes, at the simplest ladyfinger,Capsicum)
3. Salt
4. Turmeric
5. 1 tbsp Cumin seeds
6. Ghee or Oil whatever you have
7. Water (300 ml).
8. chilli powder

Procedure –

01. Wash rice in water
02. Put 400 gms of water in Rice in some container and let it soak for around 30 mins.
03. Put onion pieces and stir fry for couple of mins.
04. Put whatever veggies you have in water for chemicals to be released as well to let the veggies become a bit soft and also retain bit of water (30 mins is good.)
05. Take a pressure cooker, put a bit of oil or ghee on it, only little so that it moistens the whole of the surface area of the cooker and a bit more. Put the gas on full flame.
06. Take 1 tbsp of Cumin seeds and put it when you see the steam coming from the ghee or OIl
07. Fry the cumin seeds till they are a bit more brownish. Make sure the flame is now on medium flame. At the most 1 or 2 minutes, not more.
08. Put all the veggies you have at your disposal. Ladyfinger,Capsicum,Brinjal,Tomatoes and all and any green leafy vegetables are all good.
09. Fry for couple of minutes, you should be able to smell the veggies good as they are being cooked.
10. Put rice in (taking out the water in a glass or something else). Make sure that the water is 300ml or the same as you had put it before. Some varieties of rice take more water, while others do not.
11. Put 1 tbps of salt, bit of turmeric powder and bit of chilli powder to taste.
12. Fry for a minute or two. You should be getting good smells now.
13. Put the 300 ml of water and close the lid of the pressure cooker and top, put it on high flame.
14. After couple of whistles, close the gas.
15. Let the rice and veggies be cooked inside.
16. After 15-20 minutes the veggie-rice is ready to be served.

It can be served with variety of chutneys, curd, pickle and papad.

Now today I got the following in one of the mailing lists I follow :-

Since I am working on this for my society and this is where Swaraj Abhiyan intends assisting people, I am sending this as in incentive for people to do this in their societies before the monsoons, do have a look and bring this up to your society

The 5% rebate is for life and not a one time thing, which is a pretty good incentive

Please find with this email attached documents required to apply for PMC tax rebate:

1. Cover letter with application
2. List of Property Tax Account Numbers of all Residents of the Society.
3. A few photographs of the installation.
4. Certificate from RWH Agency that installed the setup.

Please make 2 sets of each of the above documents. The application has to be submitted at PMC Building Department, Mr. Ingale. An inwarding stamp is to be taken.

After application is submitted, PMC official has to visit the property and counter check. He then gives his report and passes on the documents to the Tax department where the account numbers are then filled into the PMC system. The application has to be given every year in Dec so that by next financial year the rebate can be provided.

The above is a provisional process which has not succeeded many times. To change this we need to get the responsible department to sign off on the process in black and white so that there is no scope for discretion.

They also have to give a mechanism to confirm that the tax rebate has been provided. There is no such feedback loop.

Contacts for getting RWH installed in your building / society

1. Era Hydro Biotech – Mr.Sandeep Bhosale – 8928698997.
2. Shreeji Aqua Treatment – 9823053532 sunil mehta santosh sharma

3. Deccan Water Treatment Pvt Ltd – Abhishek Joshi – 9860180144. Give them ( Vikram Sanghras) reference.

4. Ibrahim 9921927967- he will be the most reasonable, i think in terms of cost, and he is part of Swaraj Abhiyan

5.Udhyam Gokhale – 9822556670- Does big projects so good for bigger societies
6. Rahul Bakre- 7774034634/7774036236- give him Mihir Dudhats reference from SULINS

After reading the above, I am still wondering why are not more societies going for it. 5% tax rebate is not a small amount and that too every year. The investment should be recoverable in reasonable time. The only thing I expect restricts is getting all the house-owners to get together to pay for it, as well as doing the application work, although that should be done by the building secretary.

In Pune, less than 5% of building owners, societies go for Rainwater Harvesting.