Robin Williams and Free writing.

Hi all,
This would be a longish post about one of the actors I admired, Robin Williams and a recent meetup I attended on writing.

Before I start, I’m not given to emotions that easily as well as talk about people I admire. Also some people/characters evoke strong emotions so it’s not easy to talk about them as well.

I don’t actually remember the first time I watched Robin Williams (think it was ‘Flubber’ but can’t be sure) but was stuck by his comic timing, his ability to laugh at himself in the various characters he played. I was also stuck by his vulnerability which he shared on-screen as well as being a noble soul that streaked through in his performances. In essence, he was one of us, the everyday guy who was beaten a thousand times but still had the courage to go on. I find it hard to believe that he would take his own life.

There were many memorable performances given by this gentle performer but few that stick to my mind are ‘Patch Adams’,’Good morning Vietnam’, ‘Nine Months’, ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ and ‘License to Wed’. While the last three are probably known by one all I think most of his great work lay in movies like ‘Patch Adams’ and ‘Good morning Vietnam’. No two stories could have been too dis-similar and neither could have a character who could jump from one to another and still fit. In both the movies Robin plays a character who is noble, honest, caring and perhaps a bit naive and trustful. By the end in both the movies he’s a bit wiser but can’t help stop being the naive full of life person he is.

Robin Williams, I will miss you – A part of innocence in me died today with him. I hope you are well and do your goofy stuff wherever you are.

In a slight more uplifting mood, I went to a meetup yesterday on 12th August 2014. It was an ice-breaker session attended by around 10-12 people which was a good number. We each got to speak and share a bit and also did some impromptu writing on the spot.

The impromptu writing exercise that was given was to write anything which comes to your mind (even if its nonsense) just to get those creative juices flowing. The idea is to write furiously and not meditate or pre-meditate the writing. Hence, as my mind went blank, the only thing I was feeling were a torrent of emotions. It’s not the best but nor it’s the worst hence sharing it with all of you.

An accidental Evening

This is absurd. Writing on a spur of a moment, not knowing where, what, how thoughts are formed. Coming unexpectedly, going through shit, trying to converse, figure out where and what I am. This is going to kill me, spilling words I know and yet do not know,forever.

What to say, was this evening planned ? To an extent, yes. But did it turn out the way I was expecting it to, don’t know. The only thing I know is that hopefully I will be richer than I am now(*) or perhaps not. It is all an idea, a thought, a figment of imagination, the way to singularity (**), if you know what I mean. Does it all have to be a rhyme or a reason, I don’t know. The only thing I know is that I have to struggle and struggle till my last breadth. Hopefully, with some warmth and joy in-between. Otherwise, it would be a wasteful life. For what is life without a song and a dance, without silences between words. Without the dance that pushes and pulls you.

And love, love which compels you to be better, love which can make you bitter as well. It’s all in the past, it’s all in the future. Putting pen to Paper. ”

* – richer in vocabulary, sentence formation, the whole works.

** – Singularity is one of the most debated idea within the sci-fi community. While some equate it with both the probability and possibility of AI (Artificial Intelligence) outstripping human intelligence . People who have seen Terminator movies would know what I am talking about. Some people also equate the singularity event to God as well.

The other Singularity is known as temporal singularity where an event can trigger multiple scenarios in multiple parallel universes. People who have seen Star Trek a lot know about Temporal Singularity. There have been too many movies and Star Trek episodes who have taken the idea of temporal singularity as the base to take the story forward.

I hope you remember Robin Williams as well as use this exercise to sharpen your wit and command over the language.

Till Later.


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