Kickstarter,Games,Broadband and tmpfs

Hi all,
This is going to be a slightly longer read about various things I have been discovering about on the Internet in the last few weeks and work hence the delay.

First of all I would like people to remember or know about .Its a crowd-funding site which is/was used by hobbyist and independent game developers apart from others (artists,filmmakers,all sorts of all small businesses) as a platform to bring something new,rich,weird to people using crowd-sourcing as a tool to make something. I have shared about kickstarter before so will not dwell much into it.I will comment though that it’s sad that’s it’s still U.S. centric but then e-money has still to make lot of inroads yet in India as well as broadband penetration (more on that later) hence can understand.

FWIW I have been keeping an eye to see if any interesting games or more importantly game developers and publishers make use of that.While I have been spotting devs. and publishers using kickstarter, there have been two projects which recently kicked ass and got their funding within 2 days. They are Double Fine Adventure being produced and developed by Mr. Tim Schafer and Wastelands 2 by Mr. Brian Fargo. What is interesting to me is apart from the fact that both releases would have a GNU/Linux port, is that both while being industry veterans and certainly well-known choose to use this way. The response to both their calls should be encouraging to would-be game developers. However, this should be tempered with the various traps that newbies make. Heed his advice as well.

While I’m not a coder myself I have seen too many projects fall by the way-side.One of the interesting articles I read recently was about a game that didn’t get made.There are quite a few pointers to people who think of getting their feet wet esp. if they are going the FOSS way. This isn’t to say that people cannot make great games in FOSS, it’s just something you have to realize/know about.There are plenty more. Of course, having sites such as also improves your chances of doing something nice as you can use some of the art assets either to use as main assets or use them as placeholder graphics till you get the ones you desired in place.As can be seen people do also call for open commissions by which the repository of such art assets which can be reused is increased.

Now as far as e-money or electronic money is concerned, I came across this interesting article few days ago.The main point I think is while there is much promise to have electronic commerce and electronic money to become mainstream, security,reliability and infrastructure remain as some of the bigger questions for mainstreaming of the process.

Now broadband or what goes on as broadband in India is nothing hidden from anybody.It is for reasons unknown works in as much secrecy as the Oil Majors. Few days ago I came across another article which gives a peek into how things are done.While the comments may make you believe otherwise, it is a fact that we have still 95% or more dark fibre still installed in the country.Forget connectivity between countries, even if we just did something like Singapore did few years ago where they made connectivity within the country on a terabit scale, we would just be able to do so much more. I know of many friends and college-going students who have to make do with 144 kbps speeds. On those speeds you have issues attaching one picture, so it would be foolish to talk of anything more. Last and not the least on this topic, yes I know there was a suggestion by TRAI to make 2 Mbps as the lowest bandwidth solution which was turned off by the ISP’s and later returned as 512 Kbps. Of course ISP’s are making a killing here.

Lastly, I wanted to share about tmpfs. The thing is in debian by default gives tmpfs is given like 20% of your RAM to work as tmpfs. My RAM on this desktop is 2 GB so I got a tiny 400 MB as tmpfs. Now I’m not a VIM user otherwise would have immediately noticed that, instead I got stung while using debdelta-upgrade one of the days and that 400 MB size proved to be a bit too smallish, one thing lead to other and finally I had to resort to this :-

tmpfs /tmp tmpfs nodev,nosuid,relatime,size=2G 0 0

This is in /etc/fstab. Now while I do understand why a small tmpfs is good (netbooks and embedded systems come to mind it does feel a sorta raw deal if you ask the desktop guys.

Hope you guys enjoyed, till l8er.

Update: Seems I was too late in sharing the news, ITWorld already posted an article about the same giving some more games which also have gatecrashed the $400,000 mark as well.

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