Kuch Toh Log Kahenge – bastardized version of Dhoop Kinarey

Hi all,
This would be a shortish note about the degradation that is Kuch Toh Log Kahenge

I usually tend to only discuss software projects on my blog but this soap opera/serial has really disgusted it. I know that by discussing it I am indirectly popularizing it but it is a sad sad statement as to what commercial TV has become. If anybody is there who has seen the original version ‘ Dhoop Kinarey‘ (spelled as Kinare in Urdu, I prefer the y) then you would probably accept with me they murdered both the story and the intention behind it when doing Sony‘s big thing called ‘Kuch Toh Log Kahenge‘ . How could people take a look at something so beautiful, so profound and turn it ugly can only be seen in this soap operas. While I’ve not been able to see many of the other Pakistani serials, I saw this one at my uncle’s house (this was somewhere around the early 90s and the VCR had just come in many upper class homes, my uncle’s being one of them) and he had got his hands on this. The serial/story was a short as can be seen from the wiki page as well (just 14 episodes of 1/2 hour or an hour each) and somehow we were able to see it all. Even at that tender age I knew that this is something good.

And you look at what they are dishing it out today and you see that instead of being the educational resource TV was promised, it’s just being used to reinforce myths. All in all, not a happy customer 😦


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