SOPA is dead, long live H.R. 1981

This post is about sharing another of the bills which has the same thing as SOPA, just drafted using the words ‘child molester’ so that people do not fight back H.R. 1981.

Hi all,
We are all hunky and dory that SOPA is defeated but I just came to know yesterday that Rep. Lamar Smith has made another legislation which has the same things except now its about ‘child molesters who distribute child porn on the net’. See the bill for the latest. The bill is Orwellian to say the least. The way I see it is, If big brother was really serious about Child molesters why didn’t they investigate when they had a chance or ones found by the SEC in States.

I do have to hand it to them to have a clever way in. What is also interesting if one were to look at is the way the battle is being drawn economically.

Now people who are supposed to be targeted, most of the times they are better in Net stuff. The legislation does not address anything about people who made the porn in the first place or people who would be distributing. Its only the ‘consumers’ who would be targeted.

Now even the ‘consumers’ of such products are smart than the average joe. I mean for instance even if I want to find ‘child porn’ a google search or something does not give me any racy stuff which an average joe might get. I am sure there are other ways and means that could be done but that’s not the subject here.

What I fear would happen is the ‘powers that be’ would use the sweeping and broad powers to find people’s weaknesses ‘gambling, alcohol,porn,weird fetishes’ whatever and blackmail them. This has happened in the past, this will make it a bit more easier. This would also have impact on ‘democracy’ as we know it today.

To add a bit of fuel to the fire, one should know that SOPA guys are still not dead. See this article . The way I see it, we would have to be relentless otherwise welcome to big brother society. It wouldn’t matter if I’m in India,China,States it would be the same.

To add a bit more, one part of the legislation is more worrying than others, see this bit :-

(1) to encourage electronic communication service providers to
give prompt notice to their customers in the event of a breach of the
data retained pursuant to section 2703(h) of title 18 of the United
States Code, in order that those effected can take the necessary steps
to protect themselves from potential misuse of private information;

(2) that records retained pursuant to section 2703(h) of title 18,
United States Code, should be stored securely to protect customer
privacy and prevent against breaches of the records.”

As can be seen the part of worrying is there is no penalty clause, nor responsibility fixation in case people’s data got leaked out and of course this cannot happen.

Over and out 😦

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