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Jigdo-Jigsaw Downloader-III

This post would attempt to wrap up any lingering doubts on using Jigdo Jigsaw. Some issues I saw and how they were corrected. Also something about a future release/roadmap if some developer worked on it.
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WX Celebrations-II

This post attempts to share the ‘Wikis in Education and Public Policy‘ Introductory workshop/Square table conference 😛
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WX10 Celebrations -1

This would be a long post on the Wikipedia 10 Year Celebrations as lots of activity happened and there is/was lots to learn from that as well.
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Last-mile Community Networks

This post is in response to a blog post posted by Abhishek who has been filing RTI for better transparent with our ISP’s and BSNL in general
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Wikimedia commons meetup

This post would attempt to give a glimpse into the Wikimedia meetup that took place on 9th January 2011.
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Wikipedia Marathi Meetup 08/01/11

This post attempts to share the findings and experiences had in Pune Marathi Wikipedia meetup #WikiPuneri
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PLUG Meet Minutes 8/01/11

Hi all,
This post attempts to share/describe the goings on in this month’s PLUG meet.
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Jigdo-Jigsaw Downloader-II

This post continues where I left off with Jigdo-Jigsaw Downloader for downloading large image files (read ISO9660 DVDs or BD) as well as freshen it with a changing source.

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