Expectations and Reality

Hi all,
This post would try to capture few of the things I had thought I missed and some things which are surprising

The last 6-10 months I had a serious machine breakdown. Tried n number of ways but nothing was working. Finally, this Diwali bought some new components and got a working PC. Not great but atleast can surf, do some minor compilations and have a good time. I had blogged about my new machine sometime back.

Debian OpenLogo
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I was happy and disappointed that many sites linked to my article/post but didn’t take it with larger and better knowledgeable persons and discussions happening around the community. At the outset two-three articles/contributions give a much more detailed idea about possibly where this contribution might be headed. First is Lucas’s presentation , a part of which was also covered on lwn.net. The same topic was also touched upon in an interview of Raphaël Hertzog. Now both of them are well-respected, well-known developers who have contributed quite a lot to both the distributions. I liked the idea of a hackish IRC #debian-ubuntu channel on freenode. I don’t understand why these things haven’t been put at as many places as can be.

The reason why I say this is because of these efforts I am able to have a sort of mixed system in Debian and it is working. This is my sources.list

# Debian Main
deb http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/ftp.debian.org/debian/ squeeze main contrib non-free

# Debian Security
deb http://security.debian.org/ squeeze/updates main contrib non-free

# Unofficial Maintainers
# deb http://unofficial.debian-maintainers.org/ squeeze main contrib non-free restricted

# Debian-Multimedia.org Repository
deb http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/ftp.debian.org/debian/ squeeze/updates non-free
deb http://www.debian-multimedia.org squeeze main non-free

# Unofficial Mozilla/Firefox Repository
deb http://mozilla.debian.net/packages/ ./

#Using Ubuntu's Stable (Karmic) Chromium PPA
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/chromium-daily/stable/ubuntu karmic main

Well, FWIW there are/were only two packages which I wanted the latest stable to have, both being the browsers as nowadays lots of sites have HTML 5 rich content and in Debian, especially chrome is oldish .
There is one more package called mintbackup, if this was there on Debian I would be a happy camper. I don’t know if I should file an RFP or what, would check and do the needful.

Anyways, back to the Expectations bit. I was thinking when I didn’t have net access that I would be missing two close to my heart developments. One is Gnome 3.0 . I had been expecting that they will up and running around this time. Now I come to know that its been delayed till March 2011 and in fact there is going to be Hackfest and stuff in Bangalore in March-April 2011. Now while I don’t know whether I would be able to afford to go there and all, the transportation and whatever other expenses for 5 days and me being no developer as well but it definitely is a good thing. It would give more of a space to GNOME as well as I hope many people who are unaware about GNOME use this opportunity.

The other thing which I was thinking and wondering about is the Ext4 online defragmenter. I was thinking it would have been already implemented and people would have been using by now but as some mails and articles suggest it would take some more time.

The one thing that has taken me by surprise and which I was not expecting is that everybody seems to be moving towards GIT or some other next-generation DVCS . In the last couple of years while I was not looking the whole Freedesktop.org moved to GIT, Debian is moving or has moved to Git , what’s most surprising to me is the planned move of Drupal to GIT. I have not been a fan of Drupal but something changed when I saw a community being made on Opengameart.org which is using on Drupal. If and when Drupal moves, it would do two things, it would truly become a community project as lot of things would be in the public domain, also secrecy about new feature-sets would not be as it is today. So people can play, experiment and learn more than now.

It’s been fascinating couple of weeks browsing on the Net figuring out what and how communities are engaging and trying to solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems. Good luck to you all !

An update: Saw an article about how Github has become popular.

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