Broadband ringaround – 2

This post would be the concluding part of the broadband issue for the moment.

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Some interesting developments happened over the week-end. I and my mother (in whose name the phone connection and the broadband connection is). During the course of conversation the broadband person gave me/us a server number. This is of somebody sitting in Cantonment area (within the city and working for NIB) .

While it took me sometime to connect with the server lady, she gave me a temporary user id and password to know if the issue is with my router. The connection was made instantly. I confirmed with the lady that it had to be an exchange issue.

Then yesterday 7-12-10, my mother went and sat on their heads. After 3 hours of dilly-dallying tactics, it took them 20 mins to figure out where the issue is/was and fix the issue.

The persons who did the whole thing were 2 of the most probably lowly paid personnel in the exchange. The bosses were clueless as to what the issue is/could be and as can be seen from before are happy for the status quo to be the way it was.

The issue found out was that the port assigned to me was one on paper/file while another in reality. It was p2 on the file while in reality it was b2. They finally changed it to something else altogether. Then he had to make some other changes in the software and I am/was able to browse/chat/download do anything and everything within the huge/measly 256 Kbps that I have taken. There is a cable-fault but still am able to surf.

One of the officers commented that BSNL is going in a loss. My mother was furious but kept her calm. It’s true its going for a toss but then it’s because the staff doesn’t look at customer’s problems as their problems. They have become too complacent.

She also gave a strong worded letter as well and told them to not bill us for the in-between period.What I really felt is the utter helplessness and impotency of being a middle-class citizen. The callous attitude shown by the officer really tells why BSNL is having the misfortunes it has been having.

As far as the BSNL service is concerned, its great.  For whatever its worth, in my 5 years on and off usage,  most of the time being on unlimited – the service has been off say once or twice a month.  The only thing I would have wanted/liked more that if they are taking it offline for maintenance or something then a forewarning would do good. There needs to be a proper portal and not what BSNL has done till date.

In other news, now that broadband is here updated Debian to latest testing but then there is lots to do yet, more thoughts on that to follow.

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