The LibriVox Experiment

Hi all,
This post attempts to share details on an anarchist project called LibriVox. The project is about free (as in beer) audio books

If you guys follow this blog you would have followed the Voxforge post . Now while Voxforge is for more accurate speech recognition one of its applications which would help is LibriVox. It is one of those projects which is interesting as it is and can be used for variety of purposes. While I have been following the project for quite a while I had been excited as it recently turned five. What has been interesting to me about the project that it does not have a narrow agenda of just audio books but anything interesting that has been printed and out of Copyright. For e.g. the post about Mark Twain ‘Treaty with China’ is ample proof of that a part of it is also about recording and keeping an archive of history in recorded manner. What has also been interesting are some of the comments they get on the site, for e.g. an obvious comment from a person having sight issues.

What really takes the cake though for me is the post where they chat about the successful completion of their funding drive. Rather than just the money, the giving credit to the various FOSS movements (sitting on shoulders of giants) which makes their job easier is what I like the most.

From a very Indian perspective, it could do with Indian voices as our way of hearing and pronouncing and perhaps even doing the same thing in Hindi,Marathi,Malayalam basically the 16 odd national languages would be cool. One could look at the number of times/attempts being made for e.g. on ‘Pride and Prejudice’ you can see what is needed. It isn’t that people haven’t got it but then there are so many accents and people’s disability to hear different accents and way of speaking. So there’s lots to be done.

All in all just my 2 paise.


One thought on “The LibriVox Experiment

  1. Hello there and thanks for writing about Librivox.

    I’d just like to add that Librivox always welcomes volunteers, people there are very helpful to newbies.

    As a reader myself, I found that recording gave me a new lease of life, and a wonderful feeling of achievement, especially when you then look and see just how many people are downloading and enjoying something you helped create.

    Best wishes to you and all of your readers

    Julia Morgan, aka MorganScorpion

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