Music and Gaming-VI

HI all,
This post would be about the different music genres and how that could improve gaming while at the same time sharing the culture about a particular genre.

I have been playing games since Space invaders and hearing music from even before them. In most of the games I’ve played most of the time either its hard rock or ambient music and most of the time I feel cheated. When there is such a huge number of musical genres on offer then why do games kind of use only one or two genres is beyond me. It’s only in MMORPG’s I have seen some interesting takes but even there after a time it becomes boring. Couple of newspaper articles do share how music has been instrumental in human evolution (The only thing I didn’t like in the second article is the omission of Vorbis as a format. Its lossy but much better than mp3 at any given day. ). Similarly, so can it be used in Games. I remember games and game scenarios where I have played a particular scene/area over and over just due to a particular musical peice being played there. One of the things that do annoy me that many a time the game developer/designer takes shortcuts and makes names like 1.ogg or something such as stupid. It would be so much nicer if he/she/they would name it more as rainfall-level4.ogg or rainfall-ambient.ogg or something which signifies the style and/or the musical genre which is being used. It would be so much better/simpler. One could also use the music alternatively in one’s music player or something to highlight the game as well.

Just my 2 paise.

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