Hi all,
This post shares about a GNU/Linux hardware/embedded system for viewing Digital video either terrestially,Cable or Satellite.

I was looking if there is a GNU/Linux solution for capturing/seeing Satellite video using a custom GNU/Linux box. While searching came across Dreambox. I really liked the solution. Further searching gave me a wikipedia page which sheds a bit more light on the subject. It was also invigorating to see the alternative firmwares on which development is happening or being merged from one to another. A random hit on one of the alternative firmwares lead me to the PLI site,forum and store. Seems atleast few people like that firmware.

While on the hunt still (as in whether a dreambox can be sourced in india) a quick google search sent me to a trade engine site. While most of the sellers seem to be from Chine there was one Indian entry as well. Now whenever I go to Jaipur, I would definitely check out the dreambox dvb in addition to the openmoko stuff.

An area where GNU/Linux has making noises of late is hand-held devices. Whether its smartphones or gaming systems/handhelds. Another one of gaming systems/handhelds which I know from quite some time is GP2XWIZ coming from Korea . It has some free games, some wiz games, an app. store , very similar to what Notion Ink wants to do it seems. It also has a wikipedia entry . The only issue I see there doesn’t seem to be any distributor and hence no community in India. 😦

On a slightly different not, I recently read/saw about a non-profit called worldblu . I love the idea . I was surprised however, to see an Indian IT company (sorry now global) 3i Infotech being honored with an award. An interesting post on the site is about changing the OS .

While I think she means figuratively rather than literally I don’t know. As a ubuntu user I see democracy and anarchism being the norm in most of the developer community. It would have been interesting to see if there were any FOSS companies who had gone through the screening process. It would have been an interesting to analyze, discuss and know if what FOSS promises to users, does it also promise as an ideal to the employees as well.

From an Indian perspective these ideals look far-fetched as our economy is not deep enough. We don’t spend enough on creating value-added products and most of our exports are still 19th century raw material based. Couple of good reports on the same issue. Those ideas can be dreamt of only when either the talent pool is small or/and number of enterprises are more. A sort of demand and supply. In India its still too large a disconnect between supply and demand.

All in all, lots of things to think about I guess till next week 🙂


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