Creative commons issues

This post is goes a bit detailed into funding exercise being done by creative commons, some critiques to the creative common movement.

Hi all,
First of all apologies for posting late this week. I had been seduced by the Chinese Film Festival which was held in Pune. Needless to say I enjoyed the films which were humorous and sensitive at the same time. It had been a long long time since I saw movies which weren’t overtly/over the top screaming, action-oriented commercial movies. I liked both the music and laid back styles that all the movies had. This unfortunately is the reason why the blog post didn’t keep up 😛

As far as news is concerned, as I reported earlier about the Creative commons fund-raising, its exciting to see the progression as they are progressing roughly @ $1.5 to 2 grand a day and have already reached 1/4th of the target. At this rate they should reach their target within couple of months. While the fund-raising is good in its own right, the ideas/applications for using the grants have also been good. The donations are a good cause and for the potential donator he can get a t-shirt and some other fun stuff (although above $75 which roughly translates to about Rs. 4000/- (ouch) but its for a good cause. Although would have say that the said amount (at least in Indian purchasing power) is salary of many people for a whole month 😦

I do hope though that the CC people do get more creative in the future and think of doing events like SFD does. It would require them to partner with some FOSS content publisher/publishers to make an event like that as well as have sufficient management bandwidth to make it happen. Of course the question would be do they need it and would they gain anything from it?

For comparison If one looks at community events like SFD, while the event does happen each year and reports also come, its very hard to know from a community member’s perspective if the tribe is growing or being stagnant. This is in part due to SFD’s own inability to communicate to the members. Website statistics, projects launched on the SFD are some of the hints but somehow feel that SFD is in danger of becoming incestual (talking to same group of people) in nature. The good part is sometime soon the site would be going through a major revamp which should make it easier to navigate.

If one looks at Creative commons OTH, it has been much better as one looks at the Content Directory listing given on the site. There are some interesting critiques which make for an interesting read. While WSJ has some interesting points to make, they fall short as they feel threatened by the rise of citizen journalists making use of the creative commons licenses to further their ends. Sites such as Wikinews and New Voices movements makes it difficult to WSJ. Also WSJ’s own readership had gone down few years back which might have also influenced them. A more rational read is the one which the Free software magazine does but it also misses the mark a bit as its abstract and more philosophical in nature. Of course, today WSJ is supposed to be an entirely different story altogether.

As somebody who has been interested and observing the rise of citizen journalists one shouldn’t miss an interesting overview of the history of citizen journalists . I have the US sources as don’t know of an Indian initiatives in this regard and whatever initiatives india has been doing has been more or less on the American way, mostly the presentation.

If one were to see some other licenses which tread on the similar though then the Free Art license comes to mind. While the English translation of the licenses is provided , the site and the mailing list is unfortunately all in French. There is a short introduction to the reasons behind it pointed to me by the author. I do hope though at some point they decide to expand internationally and give some competition to Creative commons . A list of competing notable Free content licenses should also be mentioned as one talks of such initiatives. Content is not the problem atleast with CC but the license might be depending on the viewpoint 😛

There is much more to say but alas time runs out. Till l8er.

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