Gramateller, Gnome shell and GNU/Linux

Hi all,
This post would share a bit about Gramateller, a GNU/Linux solar-powered ATM and an interesting project called gnome shell.

This was the news item which first caught my eye. For reasons I can’t comprehend I decided to check it out and guess what it’s a GNU/Linux box.

The other interesting news I have been hearing about is GNOME 3 . While I have seen some of the screenshots one of the most interesting one where one has a history of work done during the day. That I found to be the most interesting application.

As a normal user I see 2-3 presentations in a day, write some documents and do various connected and disconnected things on a comp. If such an application is there, even if I do forget the document I was viewing or working on . This would be on the left-hand side which has been called as the ‘Activities’ corner of the shell.

While I do expect atleast couple of releases to iron out all the bugs I do see that a very big step forward.

In fact, a sanitized version of the ‘history’ of applications used would also give better idea (perhaps) which they can use alongwith popcon to give us better applications. Just an idea though!

All in all, seems things will be nice in the next year. 😛


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