Morevna and Gnukhata

This post would try to give insight about couple of projects which I like and the challenges they face.

The first project which I came to know about 2-3 weeks back is the Morevna Project . The idea has been taken from Blender which has used to add functionality to itself through projects such as Big Buck Bunny, Plumiferos and soon Durian . The basic idea is to give teasers about the movie, ask people to order the movie beforehand and when they reach the target amount required for the movie, make the movie, develop the additional modules required to have the effects in the movie and then print the DVD’s and send them to people. Usually there is 4-6 months waiting period between the amount collected and this is known by people beforehand. Everything is transparent as they maintain a blog and let people know where things are. One can see the same on the durian project and also the ubuntu-massachusetts event for which they have asked for donations . I really like the way they have gone down giving idea people as to where the amounts would be used. I do hope they make a success out of it and also put some pics. after the event. One can find a bit more rationale from this blog post.

Now Gnukhata is a voucher-based accounting system. There are others are gnucash but it doesn’t work with our Indian way of doing things. The digital accounting market has been taken by a proprietary, commercial software which goes by the name Tally.

I was thinking of talking about Gnukhata after the Railway budget where I was hoping that Ms. Banerjee would take the opportunity to have a double-entry P&L Capital Account based accounting system as she had claimed in the white paper but she still wants to stick to the old accrual based accounting system . The newer system which she was talking about would have led to more transparency and less ‘creative accounting’ tricks which she had blamed her predecessor for. Of course after the Satyam fiasco we also don’t trust our auditors as well as can be seen here.

The only problem I really see with the Gnukhata project is they haven’t made any progress in giving people ideas as to how things are going. The only one one can know the progress of the project is by checking out the mailing list . They need to have a blog and be able to give a clear idea of the deliverables they expect to give within some rational timeframe. They could also use the donate option and people might be motivated to do the same but they have to make the first move.

Looking forward to see what comes out of the moverana project. Till later.

2 thoughts on “Morevna and Gnukhata

  1. HI,
    Just a few quick comments.
    as A lead developer and Principle investigator of this project, I have been thinking of writing a post on my blog but development off late has been so rappied that we don’t even get time to update the wiki.
    Never the less we will be pritty much settled by Mid march and I am already putting done some important points for the blog.
    However Readers might look at the GNUKhata’s home page and click on the timeline link to know whats happening at the development side.
    Not just that, I think its gone unnoticed by the blogger that we have a tickiting system, so you can look at the current roadmap in terms of milestones.
    Look at the current tickets (tasks) and if you feel some thing is missing add your own.
    We are going to get included (soon) in a bigger FOSS based financial project, and GNUKhata will be used as the accounting conponent.
    More details will be made available when we get the official word.
    Krishnakant Mane,
    GNUKhata lead developer and principle investegator.

    1. Lemme take the points pointed out from Krishnakant.

      a. I didn’t know there is a blog as there is no link from the site to the blog. There should be a link on the homepage.

      b. In fact rather than just a blog, there should be a planet which links to blogs of people who are contributing to the project so the project has a wider perspective. You could look at Webkit has been progressing as it has been used by both copyleft and copyrighted software.

      c. I have seen that there is a ticketing system and a timeline as well as a roadmap. But having the information in the blog in a simplified format would make it accessible to lot more people.

      d. This is really good news to know that Gnukhata is looking at being part of a bigger FOSS based financial project. Looking forward to know more.

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