Drupal Sprint,ISP’s,new mirror and Ubuntu 9.10

Hi all,
This post would attempt to share all the recent and not-so recent happenings and which affect everybody, some more than others for sure.

First of all would like to thank all the lovely people for their various offers of using web-space to try out drupal or wordpress or whatever. Sadly had to decline as managing/hosting own website/blog is much more work than its worth. The only thing if I really want to do/use is have my own domain name. The charges for doing the same by wordpress.com are quite a bit. So as of right now the status-quo remains.

Next is a very interesting abstract which I had laid my eyes about around 2 months ago. I was trying to bide the time so I could bind it with some event (namely BSNL lowering it charges in response to Airtel around Diwali time ) but it didn’t work out (meaning BSNL didn’t do it.) The Abstract/paper is written by a young man named Ashwin Gumaste and he made a nice Abstract of the ‘pathetic situation of broadband in India’ although not in such nice phrase. His paper can be found at his blog . The Abstract/paper is clear enough so don’t have to make any bones about it. The Abstract tells all that is wrong and while its short on solutions (a bit) it does tell why is it the way it is. All of which had been known to me as well as loads to people but to have patience and write an abstract and get it certified by IEEE . That’s cool 😛

The next interesting thing which happened was that Ubuntu 9.10 got released just a day earlier than the Drupal Sprint and quite a few people downloaded it. I managed to download it 3-4 days later as I had too many things to do around the same time. While I hope to do a proper review of Ubuntu l8er, I have to say I am somewhat impressed by the fact that my Intel chipset the i845g got recognized and its working. I had filed a bug report for the same during the jaunty cycle to the extent that it was thought that i845G would never be supported again but thankfully I’m here on the GUI now 🙂

Another interesting bit which happened is that there’s a New ISP who announced on the ubuntu-in mailing list the services they are offering. Apart from giving ISP services, they are also hosting full Ubuntu 9.10 release and archive mirrors and .iso mirrors as well (the full 50 GiB) of it . If one has read the abstract/presentation made by Ashwin one realizes they are doing it so they can more benefits of peering . They are also hosting mandriva as well as Firefox . This is all great but if it doesn’t get publicized the services don’t get used. So here’s wishing hns that more and more people use their services (hosting and otherwise) and may you thrive in competition.

So signing off this short post, Over and out 😛


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