GNU Freedink

Hi all,
This post would be talking about a very much hidden aspect of free software as well as of myself ‘gaming’ 🙂

First up is a news post i saw the other post which says “Average gamer is 35, obese and sad: Study” . This post was was first put up on and then subsequently picked up by DNA . While I have yet to read the whole report but this post is not about that.

This post is about a game I have been playing for the better of the week due to Swine-flue scare and everything here in Pune. Another confession I have to make is I never really understood the addiction what people have with RPG’s (Role-playing game) and stuff like Nethack but playing this game has given me some insight into it. The game itself is addictive and its called Freedink.

The best part of the game itself is not the game, but the tremendous availability of mods which can be found on the dinknetwork so replayability of the game is there.

The game itself runs on all the platforms. There is a mailing list and its active. The timeline especially makes for some interesting reading. There is a homepage of the game but that’s not explicitly told at the GNU page. There is also a public mailing list which, unfortunately is not listed anywhere on the GNU page 😦

Analysis :- As the game itself is concerned, its classic. The humor gets an 8 for its twisted nature, while violence is lesser than what is seen in Doom 1. Its completely addictive with no education (only if you are a developer or developer wanna be) . The graphics are pretty ancient has very much early 90’s feel. Its 2D but I’m sure there are whole list of improvements that can be added in it.

I finished freedink in about 30 odd hours using the walkthrough found on the dinknetwork. I used the walkthrough to do all the things rather than skip the side-quests and do them correctly.

One of the things the game developer wants is more free sounds for the game and atleast one post tells me that people are helping in their own little way.

While Sylvian has himself given his short-comings and choices he had to make in the GNU page, I have nothing but admiration for the guy. I just hope he continues to do good work.

Some of the wishlist items I do have :-

a. Implement autosave
b. Why can’t Dink smallwood have a girlfriend or group of friends. It becomes pretty lonely on the journeys/quests.
c. Dfarc AFAIC tell seems to be an archiver/de-archiver. This doesn’t seem to be given as much importance as the game engine. That is quite important to automate proper filings of the dmods.
d. Lastly, the developer should blog a bit about releases, about issues he is having and ask the community, the GNU page is more than a year old, has anything changed in-between, no idea.

Looking forward to where it goes 🙂 Thank you Sylvain Beucler for making it.

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4 thoughts on “GNU Freedink

  1. I’m also trying to figure out what can be done about Windemere (aside from killing slayers etc.). The Duck temple seems impenetrable — the Talking Tree claims there’s a rock with a crack in it, and indeed when I try to slaughter the ducks over the fence, one of them occasionally wiggles out — but that point seems quite impassible for Dink!

  2. jai hind,
    u recently gave a link to a post in my blog in google groups that was related to installing vlc on ubuntu…but u’ve mentioned something bout chrome!…i dont understand!! can u expalin.And BTW,i liked ur blog..keep up the good work.
    Also,wud u tell me about CC license?

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