WordPress.com and shared hosting

Hi all,
This post would be about the compromises and efforts a blogger (me)routinely has to take when blogging, either on a free hosted service like wordpress.com and/or a shared/dedicated self-hosting site.

This was the last post I put up. Something like this blog post takes atleast 1 working day if not more. Some of the issues/procedures I follow are as under in no partiular order are :-

1. Background research on the story.
2. Making sure I’m not violating any of the licenses if any intellectual property is involved.
3. Making sure that all the links are closed.
4. Checking that pictures do not cross-over to the content
5. The flow of the piece/post I’m writing about.
6. Making sure the links are valid

Now I’ve been thinking about going the shared-hosting way, (dedicated hosting out of reach) but frankly, there are few things which do make me balk at thinking going the shared hosting way. Some of the things which I would have to think of are :-

a. Security would become my issue/baby rather than wordpress.com which in turn means :-
b. I’ll have to update and upgrade wordpress rather than it being automated.
c. no https:// (atleast in most of the shared server offerings 😦 ) and of course digital certificates are pricey in themselves.
d. This is free while of course that would have to paid and renewed from time to time. 🙂
e. Time consumption would arise as any/each upgrade would need to be tested under multiple browsers.

The benefits though are there. :-

a. I can have javascript plugins which wordpress.com doesn’t allow. This would allow me to have advertising support as well as show support for some of the various FOSS projects I like/participate in.

b. Themes,headers etc. are not limited to wordpress.com options

c. Can play around with SEO and other things and do better visibility for my site.

So net-net at this point don’t think the cost-benefits evaluation shows its much more beneficial to remain here rather going anywhere.

A good article to read on the various kinds of hosting would be the network-bits article.

I’m sure there are more possibilities or things I’ve not thought about.

Comments, suggestions and briackbats all welcome 🙂

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