Community Radio and FOSS – 1

Hi all,
The post would be a longish post about a community radio workshop that I attended,  where I shared with them some info. about the FOSS Tools and the community which can help them in their endevour. The whole event would be divided into four posts of the four posts and my work was on day three of the event.

Last year I had taken part in the Community Radio workshop done by Tamarind Tree. This year the held the workshop again and invited me to join in sharing my FOSS expertise and knowledge with the participants. The only change this time was this was a joint effort by Tamarind Tree, Nomadindia as well as CR Forum (one of the larger bodies who leads in Community. The workshop was held at the picturesque Tamarind Tree’s farm near Sogve Village, one of which pictures you can see alongside.

Tamarind Tree Farm

Sharing Breakfast and CR policy
Stalin sharing history of CR and CR policy.
As can be seen the workshop was for 4 days. The 1st day started with introductions which went on for sometime. Some of the participants arrived late so there were couple of rounds of introduction. After that Stalin of CR Forum gave some history of the background of Community Radio in India, the issues it has and had faced from the early 80’s and the beginning in early 90s. They narrated how A.I.R (All India Radio) was the only monopoly in Radio Transmission till a Supreme Court Judgement, circa February 1995 ruled that “airwaves are public property” . This judgement paved the way both for Commercial Radio as well as Community Radio. Part of this history is covered in Wikipedia’s couple of articles as well as in CRF . He further went on to explain each new iteration of the CR guidelines which has been given by Govt. of India as and when it happened. The latest being 2006. You can find some details of the same at APC as well as gramvaani .
After that, Hemant Babu (of nomad india which was there for technical support) gave a brief of the essential things required to run a Community Radio Station. While there is a huge list of recommendations given in the CR policy from Hemant’s perspective some of the things are frivolous or/and don’t make much sense due to technological changes or just didn’t make plain sense.

Hemant Babu
Hemant Babu

Participants sharing and asking queries
Then lunch happened. After lunch Hemant Babu continued showing the various instruments and parts which go into making a CRS studio as well as gave some information about some of the equipment vendors who are in the market. Nomadindia has its own in-house lab where they often do R&D. Nomadindia does provide consultancy as well as services for making studios as well as selling and services around the Nomad transmitter.

The day ended with answering the participants queries on the CR-policy, studio equipment and a brief how the next day will churn out.

See you guys at next episode. 🙂

A note :- All the pics. have been taken from Ms. Ajitha Vijayan’s Picasa web album.

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