BSNL-Hungama-DRM business

Hi all,
This post would be about an Indian ISP, BSNL who is using DRM without telling subscribers about it. Needless to say, the songs would be in an encumbered patent format FOSS but more than cheating the customers.

Yesterday I got a link of offer from BSNL. On further research and googling I came across this webpage as well as a blog post which tells that Actress Amrita Rao was there to inaugarate the launch. The idea simply being, the portal subscription-based music model so the user can download and listen for some finite number of times some mp3 songs.

If you look at the site itself, it doesn’t say its subscription-based anywhere on the homepage. So the user is gonna think he/she is downloading for life. After the Kindle fiasco which happened I don’t think these guys needed to use that.

As one of the biggest providers of ISP Services who has one of the largest share (until recently when Airtel broke the dominance they have a bigger responsibility to users specifically as they are a government body and claim they have ‘Corporate Social Responsibilities’ .

If it is supposed to be a business venture then why didn’t they go the Amazon way. They clearly went through this route before and understood that DRM subscription model is a failure and they are not just the ones.

In fact, what I would have suggested and liked would not be not just songs but everything which is in public domain. There is just so much that we need. For e.g. even if all the GNU/Linux distributions were there, that would be so great. As it would be BSNL’s server and on the same network I’m sure the latency would have been so far less hence making it easier and faster for me to download stuff.

We can all dream, can’t we 🙂

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