GNU/Linux and Chrome OS

Hi all,
There has been lot of attention and press about the Google Chrome OS so I had to write my 2 paise also about it, where I think it’ll go.

First of all last week Google announced the Google Chrome OS . Many of the blogs have fear/insecurity that it will give a bad name to FOSS. Let’s get a little bit of history. There had been rumors about both the browser and the OS from 2004 onwards. A simple search of ‘Google OS 2004’ without the quotes should give you enough material. Isn’t it remarkable how close was with the idea.

Back to 2009 and yes, chrome the browser has been spectacular and lot of people have taken to the plain and yet powerful browser. But this post is about the OS which is coming up. The way I see it there are enough of good ideas both within Google as well within the community. Also do not forget that Google has been using Goobuntu for quite sometime. Also with the Google Summer of Code they have had enough time, money and resources to work out what issues are plaguing the community. What I feel is while Ubuntu has gone the Usability way there are still lots of things that Google with its money power could do. The graphics and 3d stack for example while way better than before, still has some catching up to do IMHO. Google could surely help in accelerating this and getting more and more chipsets and graphic cards opened up. As far as licensing is concerned, that would be interesting to know . Knowing Google they might use a BSD type license. Also for lot of developers it would be a taste of distributed development which apart from FOSS communities the mainstream doesn’t know much about it.

So I am going to wait and watch just like the rest of the world as to what Google would do. If its cloud computing with something like Gears then they do have a shot.

Let’s see what happens at the end of year 🙂

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