WordPress.com and shared hosting

Hi all,
This post would be about the compromises and efforts a blogger (me)routinely has to take when blogging, either on a free hosted service like wordpress.com and/or a shared/dedicated self-hosting site.

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Community Radio and FOSS – 1

Hi all,
The post would be a longish post about a community radio workshop that I attended,  where I shared with them some info. about the FOSS Tools and the community which can help them in their endevour. The whole event would be divided into four posts of the four posts and my work was on day three of the event.

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FOSS Economics,Open Video and Sun Microsystems

Hi all,
This would be a long post which goes into why FOSS economics is better choice (for individuals, for corporations and/or societies), the new Open Video standard and why I think Sun Microsystems had to sell out.
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