#wci Day2

Hi all,
Sorry for not writing earlier. Just been caught up for time. This blog post is about wordpress camp in India.

WordPress alongwith Adobe and whole host of partners both online as well as offline did an event called Wordcamp. This was a paid event costing Rs. 500/- for 2 days inclusive of lunch and all tea/coffee/cold drinks one could drink or Rs. 300/- per day. The timings were from 9 a.m. in the morning till 18:00 in the evening. I wish I could have cloned myself but that being an impossibility atm, had to give day 1 a miss 😦

Day 2 started being with back-to-back sessions on the many different ways to monetize their blogs. My intention was to see if and how blogs could be used or being used as a transformation tool/change in the society but that really didn’t happen.
Although have to say that Ankesh Kothari made a good case and showed part of his strategy (the power of three)

Slightly off-topic :-

What I did see/observe is twilight fairy being herself and was wearing a kimonish kind of dress which looked quite good on her. Mayank Gupta turned out to be an average serious-looking joe, and Netra seems to be obviously been too much working (spending many wee hours in front of the comp.) to have those black eyes .

The audience were more or less an assorted bunch most of us/them trying to earn a few bucks without losing our stripes in the process. More on that later.

One of the interesting sessions was one where Matt introduced WordPress.TV . Unfortunately, he’s convinced of flash as a platform for video blogging (as youtube has done) rather than .ogg .

The problem or issue I see is I fail to see catching on as flash would always be encumbered by patents even though they released the specifications about 2 months back or so. What would have been nice which was also suggested is to use .ogg (as archive.org) has done and which is in HTML 5 specifications. I would have loved Matt to see the Mozilla guys do the .ogg stuff that they showed quite a few people in Pune. Infact, I have used .ogg quite a bit and granted though it may not be .divx its still pretty good.

The other interesting one by matt was feature suggestion and did he get a load of suggestions. The only one which didn’t feel fair is when one guy won for writing wordpress and buddypress should merge. That’s like seeing the wall for the first time. I, as I am sure thousands and millions of others discovered buddypress and been aching for it to happen for almost a year now. That would be nice 🙂

One of the most entertaining sessions for me personally was the one which was supposed to have taken on day 1 but happened instead on day 2 . That was “Interactive talk – Intellectual property rights/copyrights : Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme court of India” . Now I’ll have to say that Mr. Pavan Duggal is one shrewd customer who reads his audience like the back of his hand. He knew the right buttons to push and make it interactive. In the off-line session came to know of quite a few students and wanna-be entrepreneurs, some wanted to know the copyright status of taking photographs from sites and using them in his/her own blog for reviews (Blog related to electronic gadgets), guys wanting to set up an adult video site (most probably hosted in the States or and somewhere else) and where they would stand legally in India for proceeds and content etc. One wanted to know how to set up companies in Mauritius for taxation issues and stuff like that. It was fascinating to see human nature at work.

Mr. Duggal also recounted/observed the fact that both the legislations which have passed in the parliament have never been discussed. Both have pushed unanimously without discussions. Either our members of parliament are not educated/empowered enough or they don’t think it has important bearings on our more and more electronic future.

He cited many interesting cases, one of which ‘Mr. Excellency’ evoked lot of guffaws from the crowd. The case was that one of Mr. Duggal’s client (some tyre manufacturer or something) got 20 pages of insults mailed to him in hindi (IIRC, and not one of them repeated) and after 2 months got another one (again not repeated) when the client approached Mr. Duggal. Digging a bit he ascertained that most probably the mail came to him on the 60th day. He also asked for the logs but as the client was not so technically conversant, they waited. On the 60th day, the mail came again. From the IP they could ascertain it was a cyber-cafe. Although they thought they were going to a dead-end they still approached the cybercafe owner and showed the faces and profile of all the 120 employees who worked in the company. The idea being it may be one of the disgruntled employees. One of the employees was recognized by the cyber-cafe owner as he used to come early with a floppy disk and mail fast as he had to go to office.

To further corroborate the case, the cyber-cafe was put under watch, the guy showed on the appointed day and hour, did his thing, the mail was matched with the IP of the cyber-cafe and then the employee was fired and criminal proceedings initiated in front of him.

One of the interesting things which I came to know about is Adobe has around 24 guys working on GNU/Linux platform from testing and developing for the bleeding edge.

The interesting thought or idea to mull over is wordpress being hosted in Adobe’s premises. Why?

Is Adobe rethinking their strategy to go FOSS?
Or is WordPress going the other way?

Either of things could happen in due course. It would be interesting to find out which 🙂

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3 thoughts on “#wci Day2

  1. The WordCamp organizers needed a venue, Adobe came forward. I don’t think there’s anything beyond that in it. 🙂 Adobe has hosted BarCamp too earlier.

    While I do support the HTML 5 video tag initiative, I don’t think it’s going away in a jiffy. Primarily because it’s not supported by ‘older’ / most current browsers. Also, even though the tag is a video tag the content is being *streamed* from your server. Hosting companies don’t allow that unless you’re using a dedicated server.

    As far as I know, the HTML 5 video tag does NOT mandate you to use Ogg Theora. You can use any codec you want. Correct me if I’m wrong on this. So to start the playback, the user will need codecs to play, right? Ogg Theora is not supported by default on Windows so that’s a huge roadblock. Moreover, if someone does NOT use Ogg and instead chooses a proprietary codec then it raises an even bigger issue – on Linux distros where you cannot ‘legally’ install proprietary codecs it’s an even bigger issue! At least Flash – even though proprietary – is legally distributable for all OSes including Linux.

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