Hi all,
In GNUnify’09, the first session is i-want-2-do-project. tell-me-wat-2-do being given by Shakti Kannan. I would be talking about a project for checking broadband usage using FOSS.

The biggest ISP provider by usage is BSNL. Source The Hindu

You can find also the latest trends using TRAI’s site Unfortunately the reports seem to be down for the moment.
A fascinating breakdown of the same with analysis has been given
at medianama

Anyways the conclusion is 50+% broadband users use BSNL.

Now, to find Billing usage or stats one can either log on to the BSNL broadband portal or use one of the tools done by people. Most of the tools quickly become outdated. Have a look at for a list.

One of the interesting ones is of DUF but the source file given is way too old.

The nearest one which comes up is one done by shaplus software.

What would be nice if somebody would venture to do it.

a. Make it open-source so people can hack on it as plans would change frequently. (GPL v3 anyone)
b. Make it able to use to generate pie-charts rather than just MS-Office or something.
c. Make it multi-lingual so people can understand the results.
d. Be multi-platform so its not just restricted to one platform (Java, Python take your pick)
e. Understanding how to parse a webpage and take some values from it and give it in nice shape-form.
f. Optionally give people ability to print pretty pictures (graphs etc)

These are some of the reasons on top of the head. So what do you guys think?

Update:- SK’s presentation is actually about the approach that should be taken by a student for the same.

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