xforcevesa and wubi

Hi all,

This post would be primarily talking of the issues concerning installation of Ubuntu and needing CLI fixes, so not a good demo experience to show to others.

My mama (Mother’s brother) came to our house last week. He’s been an avid MS Windows user for last several years. He has only two hobbies, fiddling around with the OS he knows and making Data, Video CD and DVDs collections of movies. A typical non-technical. non-cli complaint user.

I have been using GNU/Linux, primarily Ubuntu for last few years exclusively. So I wanted to impress him in the sense he would use it as a primary Operating System. So took backup of one of the hard disks, used a Ubuntu 8.10 Live CD to do the needful.

The first issue/thing which didn’t go well is it didn’t boot in the normal mode. I had to press F2 and switch to safe-graphics mode in order to get the CD to show me the GUI.

The GUI itself was not showing me the whole screen (suspect it didn’t read the values correctly) . Anyways did the install using tab and the idea where ok or Next would be and did that.

After a successful install, I booted and was back into 640*480 land. I did a bunch of updates but that didn’t get rid me off the 640*480 reflection. It was only after I removed xforcevesa from the kernel lines that I was able to get to 1600*1200@60Hz bliss.

Now I dunno where to put this bug against as a typical, non-technical user shouldn’t have to do all this hoops. This tells him/her its not really ready for a desktop experience.

The next thing I tried showing him off was using Wubi in a windows partition so he could experience it. That again backfired. Although this time I have put up the bug for that.I hope somebody also runs in this one and can give the needed info.

There is always the possibility that I chose the wrong version (perhaps LTS would have been a better bet) although pulseaudio had its share of issues on 8.04 (atleast on my end) . On 8.10 it has been sweet in that regard, music after codecs work without fiddling around with .asoundrc and other stuff.

So all in all, there is still need for improvement in places so people like me can show it off to friends without the need for doing CLI work in front of others.

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3 thoughts on “xforcevesa and wubi

  1. starswarm,
    While I can’t say much about Wubi, about Ubuntu, its basically Debian with a more professional touch.

    Lemme also enumerate here, its not that other platforms don’t have problems or they don’t have issues. You would find many forums set up for resolving issues.

    One of the problems which I see from their perspective is unlike some other platforms they don’t have either the financial muscle or number of people to test every release on number of machines having different configurations. If they had, then surely QA would be better. Also more automated testing procedures to catch stuff would go on a long way.

  2. Wubi is a poor attempt to de-geekify Ubuntu. When you can get the thing to drop command lines and work arounds Then maybe you might get the other 97% of PC users to try Ubuntu. The problems can be traced to one thing. Wubi and Ubuntu were designed by committee of a bunch of geeks, for geeks, and about geeks. The programs are fragile and the catalog of software is a group of poor copies of Mac or PC programs. Yes I would Love to drop Windows, but not at the expense of having to go to a chat room to solve a simple problem, spend time rewriting code, or fighting the frustration of using poorly written software that doesn’t do what is supposed to do when it is supposed to do it.

  3. I had similar experiences when trying to show off some ubuntu dual gimmicks with wubi.
    The worst complaint I had from peole installing ubuntu on my advice, has been: -pulsadio and flash

    big mess

    general public loves flash sites, and flash plugs into alsa directly conflicting with pulseaudio.

    The Ubuntuforum answer of killing pulseaudio and reenable it only after starting up the browser, added to the confusion…

    My sister wants to switch back to windows … 😥

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