Hardware, software and financial issues

Hi all,

This would be a brief post about where things are with me for now.

Due to the recent global slowdown everywhere I had to also leave my company wikiocean (www.wikiocean.net) . I enjoyed working there and it did help me get more fine-tuned about the understanding the politics as well as technology that is free software.

This was one of the first jobs which I had really enjoyed as I wasn’t just doing it for the money (although that was a concern) but more for love of technology and free software.

The first few days were difficult to pass but then got involved into fixing my system. Intrepid was about to be released so nudged a few developers about few bugs which were important to me. Some got fixed while others will take their own time.

I did try number of experiments while doing this including a wubi install under windows which was unsuccessful . I may try this again at some future time as well and see what could be fixed.

The other thing which I did was do a major hardware cleaning using a trusty brush which I had bought for the same purpose a long time. I do an annual cleaning and it does extend life of the PC for quite a bit. I would be buying a fan soon so the comp. runs a bit cooler. That also is supposed to raise expectancy of the hard disk.

The other thing I did which I had meaning to do for a long long time as well is have a stable version of Ubuntu on one hard disk and have the unstable (or in development) on another hard disk.

The next thing on the TODO list is to download and install Debian lenny RC-2 besides the stable Ubuntu version. The download is going to take some time as well as having grub in its own partition. I may format the hard disk and do it from scratch but that should be an interesting side-project.

For a long long time I had been wanting to get on the Debian band-wagon so if it works out it would be really nice.

What’s interesting is all this experiments are being done on a not-so-old intel p4 1.8 stepping 2 model.

Comments and suggestions as always are welcome.

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