Hi all,

This one would be in brief. It would be mainly talking about the improvements I saw in Ubuntu with the recent 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, specifically in the installer and setting up the Apache Web Server

The first time I did a Ubuntu Installation using the desktop/Live CD  was in 2006 (something) and at that point in time Ubiquity was horrible. It was essentially broken and buggy as hell. From that point onwards I used to do all installs for friends, clients etc. using the alternate version. Recently I had to do an install where my alternate CD check failed (although very rare) , probably some corruption while handling as I had tried it at my end without an issue. Anyways, thankfully had burnt a desktop CD (as a backup although hadn’t thought that will be using that). Had to use it and was pleasantly surprised. Ubiquity had surpassed all my expectations. Apart from a minor hiccup (a bug I filed later on) it came up good on all my expectations. The standout was the graphical paritioner. One of the other big issue I had with ubiquity was that there was no messages when it did stuff like loading the grub-loader, removing or cleaning stuff up after installation and stuff like that. I just wish I had more time to fiddle around with the LCD Monitor and see what things I could do therein but alas. (Isn’t it fun to play with resolutions and stuff) .Anyways in my mind, atleast ubiquity has matured quite a bit. I hope to do some more installs and would see how it works therein as well.

The next order of the thing is doing an apache at my end. Once in a blue moon, I feel like hacking on apache and just seeing how things are. The last time I played with apache was again about a year back and that time it was a pain to configure. This time around apache was around and kicking in 10 minutes.  I did read somewhere that 9.04 is going to be webalicious or/and have plenty of web applications. I’m guessing that’s the reason apache has been made so easy to configure and start although do (secretly) believe it would be the cheaper ones as in memory footprint which would win at the end of the day.

So the only things remaining atleast on the desktop end I guess is gaming, graphics and Video. The tools as well as the infrastructure. I do know there is lot of stabilization work happening on both those fronts at the present. I hope we get to see some sweet stuff soon.

Here’s looking forward to a beautiful tomorrow 🙂

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