Looking for a laptop -2

Hi all,

I know I promised to put the 3rd edition of the GNU/Linux primer and would be doing that, just some things keep coming in the way.

I had some interesting discussions as to why I chose what I chose as specs for the laptop. The remainder of this blog post would be tackling the same

These are the reasons why I gave the specs I gave :-

a. AMD-ATi :- There are couple of reasons why I chose an AMD-ATi combo.

1. Intel has an almost monopoly in the x86 place, AMD way second and Via a laugh, I fear it would be just like memory market is and was like sometime back. In essence what we call monoculture .

In fact this is most worrying, “Mr. Barrett said Intel’s market share in microprocessors – its chips power about eight of every 10 PCs sold – would rule out certain types of acquisition: for example, it would be unlikely to be allowed to buy graphics chip maker Nvidia.” in globeandmail

2. ATi  was brought over by AMD .  There is bound to be lot of integration between the two simply meaning they should work together.

3. AMD and GNU/Linux have had a good history together but recently things have been going on a different tangent altogether 😦

4. While I have an Intel machine, I never have/had the chance to work with AMD as of yet.

b. Another factor is the ATi card :-

1. What emboldens me is that ATi has made some of its specs open-source. While was it to make MS do something to its liking or not may or may not be speculation.

2. Intel doesn’t have an offering in the graphic card space and whatever options it has or gives are not to what I want to use.

3. Another option would be Nvidia but the only thing we have are binary blobs so they may work or not work. With ATi there are developers who can fix stuff when broken and people have reported good experience.

c. About using Atheros it simply is due to they releasing the Atheros 5k code.

An interesting article on the subject could be read here . What I am doing is simply an extension to his point 🙂 the only differences are while his are a dollar, mine are rupees, and while he’s rewarding them for work already done, I’m rewarding in the possibility of further openess to things.

Update (12/10/08) 16:00 :- I forgot to enumerate or share some of the things which I wanna play/ work with once I have a good lappy.

a. Do profiling of some of the packages in ubuntu.

b. Play/understand a bit about wireless stuff.

c. I have then an abstraction from the desktop so can use the desktop to do agressive testing (after a clean install) using PPA’s

Comments, suggestions and flames all welcome 🙂

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