SFD at Bhaskacharya Prathisthana

This post gives a brief about the Software Freedom Day being celebrated at Bhaskacharya Prathisthan with the combined efforts of PLUG and CSLUG.

Bhaskaracharya Prathisthana alongwith PLUG and CSLUG had organized to celebrate Software Freedom Day in its campus on Sunday, 21st September 2008 from 11:00 hours to 17:00 hours. Bhaskarchya
Seminar_start The whole thing was divided into two rooms/two tracks. One was the Seminar room in which People could share their expertise and passion while in the other one the Installfest was happening. We had the lastest versions of distros such as Fedora, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Opensuse and Mandriva.
The first order of the day was an introduction to the free software as a philosophy as well as an ethical business opportunity. This was done by yours truly and Gaurav Pant or Dexter as he’s fondly known in PLUG. yours_truly
Dexter commenting Then the next order of the day was Dexter’s sharing his know-how on how to work with PHP using LAMP. He showed how one could use PHP to make dynamic websites and how to configure so that one is able to connect to databases like MYSQL or PostgresQL
In the next session, Swapnil Kamble and Amit Karpe talked about doing development on Moblin, one of the new range of Mobile Internet Devices (MID), an initiative of Intel Corporation. There was also a discussion on various other competing projects such as Android, the Limo Foundation and the whole Openmoko stack. Basically giving an overview of where things are moving as well as giving some idea of the challenges and issues when developing for these mobile devices. He also showed off the moblin device Swapnil talking about Moblin
Installation demo While this was all going on in the next room, parallelly demonstrations of various GNU/Linux distributions with doubts and queries taken there itself.
One of the more personally interesting demos and discussions were about the launch of the Scientrix project using GNU/Linux to solve science problems. The basic idea is that free software has lot of libraries and tools which can be used for visualization and graphical representation of data. I have seen some interesting work on that and would love to see where it goes. Kudos guys. Launch of Scientrix
Quiz session As too much knowledge becomes sometime boring, Amit had the brilliant idea of having a quiz. He had lot of stickers from his endeavours at FREED as well as FOSS.IN which he put up to some good use. Apart from few special stickers almost all the stickers were up for grabs with a impromptu quiz.
This was followed by a quick snack/lunch break which was basically a Samosa-Chatni combo, coffee and/or chai and interacting with fellow participants. Samosa-Chatni, Chai Break
IMG_1228 I had to do other things hence even though there were few more sessions had to skip it. Sorry guys, had loads of fun.That’s the organizer team who were the brains behind the whole event. Let’s have some more events like this 🙂

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