Mono-culture and the Public Transportation mess

Hi all,

While I was thinking to follow-up on the experiences at PICT but there has been something which has been nagging me for sometime now. The rest of this blog post would basically be talking about how the absence of a vibrant multiple choice transportation system is making life a little less enjoyable than it could have been.

I belong/live in a City called Pune. Its a growing city with a young crowd but the public transportation therein is a mess. I use the PMT bus which is one of the ways in which one can travel from A to B. You also have the option of Rickshaws and some places something called as six-seaters wherein many a times the driver may get 8-10 people in as well.The problem is these 6 seaters were a boon to the common people when they were introduced to people living in Pune. They were one of the most courteous people, charge reasonable fees for distances and used to drop wherever one wanted. They were the saviours from the high prices asked by the rick guy alongwith the never-on-time PMT.

After couple of years and all when PMT starting showing negative growth too much they played a game in which they said they wouldn’t do price hikes and would have x number of new buses but with the condition that the 6 seaters would need to go off the roads.

The public complied and the 6 seater union guys couldn’t do anything. At the end of it all, the number of buses remained the same for a long time and the public felt short-changed, in fact still feels.

Having an own two-wheeler while saving time and money adds our carbon foot-print and that’s a choice which I can live with.

While Public Transport is easy target the private transport is no better. I had two -three experiences and almost all the places either it was an issue with maintaining and doing repairs . In fact both times it was a tire issue or something like that. A 6 hour journey becomes a 14 hour journey 😦 Of course, now I know that one cannot rely on these buses. Its always better to have twice your calculated time (overhead) so even if the bus breaks-down the guys are not in paranoid state.

And most of the times its not the driver or his assistant’s mistake. Its guys higher up the value chain. Most of the buses don’t get time to cool off, don’t get washed up and stuff like that.To add to that sometimes they cancel trips on whims and who cares about passenger 😦

All in all a depressive state of  affairs. The only thing to blame is the honchos up there as well as mono-culture. I just wish you don’t guys get the experience I have had to go through.

With Railways, the only issue is not able to get reserved seats and corruption. Both fueling the other.  I just wish we could do something about it.

As always comments, suggestions are all welcome. That’s all for tonight.

Apart from regular stuff, I would be taking a shot at interviewing upcoming free software businesses in India. Also would like to enrich or make people aware of ethical ways of doing work and profiting from it in number of ways. The first set of interviews would be with Mr. Abhas Abhinav, I-take-charge of Deeproot Linux

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