Ubuntu, Debian, Debian Developers and Mirros

Hi all,

Well, there have been ample of discussions about Debian and Ubuntu. While most have been at the most flames there hasn’t been enough credit given to the Debian community. For one, they have four times the packages in the repos then Ubuntu does have. Quite a few of the Debian developers also double up as Ubuntu developers and give support to the distro.

Now from the Indian perspective even though we have a billion people, we just have all of 5 Debian Developers to boot and all of them from IITM (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras) . They have put up a mirror for quite a few distros including fedora , Debian and Ubuntu. We don’t have enough mirrors not just for the distros but also for specific packages and things. It would be nice for instance, to have a SUN mirror as well as have sourceforge.net .

I would love to see not 5 but 50 Debian developers or even more sprouting from all Universities, all over the country. I don’t think we lack in technology, we lack in imagination. Wouldn’t it be great if our young kids had an idea about free software project management skills, had worked with making mirrors and working on clusters for the same.

Each such individual having such skills would make so many businesses viable whether its web-hosting, animation, graphics, Office automation, ERP, CRM whatever it may be. Be aware that the Universities and some of the prestigious colleges do not have funding issues. The only thing for companies to do is to show some commitment to a University or college, show value in terms of skill-sets and better prospects for their students and Universities or Colleges would start experimenting with free software. The University of Pune or COEP or Symbiosis University here in Pune could really a pivotal role in starting this revolution. Mind you these institutions are flush in funds and while they are not the only ones they could make the first push.

I do see few companies who use free software for their business. They may not be software engineers or anything else, they are using for their own ends and that’s what really counts. I feel awe and respect whenever I see small businesses and individuals trying to make that difference.

With a hope that the future sees more free software uptake by youngsters, I bid adieu for now . Comments, suggestions, flames all are welcome 😉

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2 thoughts on “Ubuntu, Debian, Debian Developers and Mirros

  1. Hi Kartik,
    Apologies then but still good to know we have some although few.

    I would be keeping an eye on your blog, if you choose to blog about your experiences in evangelizing the spread of Debian GNU/Linux as well as to know your efforts and engagements to have more Debian developers as well.

    I hope to have a lappie pretty soon so I can put up Debian on the same and also contribute on the Debian front.

    On a side note, it would be nice if you can do packaging of coccinella

    http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=485445 for your benefit.

  2. Well, not all of them are from IITM. Kapil works at IMSC, Chennai. Indeed, Ramakrishnan is alumni of IITM. Kumar and Varun are also now ex-IITM students. I don’t know much about Ganeshan and he is not much active in Debian front.

    I am trying hard to spread Debian words across wherever I go. I am starting this moment in Gujarat as I just moved there recently.

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