Bloopers and wekosystem

Hi all,

Another good evening to all of you. Today would like to discuss further how organizations fail to understand and then pay for those facts as in losses either in branding, culture whatsoever.

The first case is of the global brand Nike which at one point in time was an unshakable brand, an unshakeable, enviable company. It could do no harm. Circa 1997 and all the ghosts started to stumble out of the closet. Few links to illustrate the same.

The Saigon Report

Sweatfree Campaign Campus

Boje’s List of 10 Nike Solutions

What if Nike is a case of a bad egg, an isolated example so to speak but then its not so.

Have a look at the following

Women Forced to Work

Gap Inc’s Social Responsibility FAQ

The cleanclothes compaign

Paradise lost

Sweat shops of Gap

McDonald’s fined for employing underage workers

Look at Sweatshop for numerous examples of the same.

What if its just the garment or fashion industry which has the issue but then this is much bigger and cuts across industries.

For e.g. look at Shellnews as well as the gripe site

In fact, one can look at the wikipedia page to get an idea of the profound impact that the had on the company’s fortunes.

In fact there are organizations like corpwatch which would make a very good fit with the wekosystem.

A corpwatch finding Greenwash

All in all, transparency, accountability like the one envisaged by wekosystem would help in minimizing exploitation and mis-information to the masses.

That’s all for now. As always, comments, suggestions are all welcome.

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