open hardware

Hi all,
While everybody hoots for free software, unfortunately I don’t see much noise about ‘open hardware’ & I ask myself why?

Where it would impact most, mobile phones, simply for the reason they are the most used gadget & most desirable gadget invented. With features like location mapping, GPRS & what have you its a killer thing. If its open, one just adds the firmware & things can become much much better. Something similar to what happened on the ‘Spirit’ & ‘Opportunity’ landrovers when they arrived in Mars. It happened again & again with better stuff for the two rovers. Point here to see what I mean..
There are examples like Android (here & here) & others but most of them are expensive (Rs. 10,000 + =) play-toys, nothing which is here & now, which is inexpensive & can be really used to do above. Anybody knows otherwise would be happy to know.

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